понеделник, декември 31, 2012

Finished challenge: read east

The point of the challenge was to read books from Eastern Europe. I saw in this a chance to read some of the Russian and Bulgarian authors I have (it's sad and I feel guilty about it, but I read more translated literature than from my own country)
I sign up for 4 books
1. Less Angel - Zotov
2. Foxy's adventures - Boris Aprilov Приключенията на Лиско
3 King's order - Nikolay Tellalov/Царска заръка
4 The forth artefact - Konstantin Starchev/Четвъртият артефакт
5,  Завладей българките - Адриан Лазаровски /Conquer the bulgarian women - Adrian Lazarovski

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