неделя, април 27, 2008


27th of April was Easter! Yay, nice day lol I almost won at the egg battle but alas ^^ Also we're in vacation, maybe tommorow I'll go shopping, the other weekend will be going to Plovdiv to watch cosplay, watched so much Kenshin lately.. nyaa lige if wondergful :P
Just.. damn it Saito can't be dead! I'm sick and tired of seeing my fav characters in anime and manga get killed!!!!

петък, април 11, 2008

knew it, knew it, KNEW IT!!!

~~~~ NyaaaadidntItoldyaItachiis a goodguy,toldyatoldyatoldya!!!!Iknewitjust knewitallthetimeand IreallyKNEWHEWASGOINGtogivehiseyesti sasuke(thoughhedoesntdeservethem!!!)
i'm getting too excited but just..
he was protecting Konoha AND his~foolish little brother Sasuke~ all along, and it's juat sooo cute I'm so happy about it and..
I DON'T KNOW HOW I"LL WAIT TWO WEEKS for the next chapter!!!! ;(((
Oh please, Itachi, be alive be alive be alive
nyaa I'm going to read the chapter once again

вторник, април 08, 2008


Vampires and Books - 2 of my favourite things in one anime! And that vamp is just so cute! nya~~~ I wanna man like him *so in love*

And, btw, I'm sick and tired of tests. Everyday. Enough already!

събота, април 05, 2008

new one!

He he. Proud of myself, just a little. This is the first bracelet with more than 2 colours, made by oattern without written instructions. It can't be seen well in the picture. but 3 shades of grey and 3 of purple were used.

And I refuse to accept that Itachi is dead.

watched Sweeney Todd. Beautiful music but some of the scenes were a bit too realistic. and I' ll never eat meat pie.

Itachi's alive.
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