петък, ноември 28, 2008

Winter cleaning

Not like it matters, but this spot's sbout to become only for crafts. Everything non related will be moved away. It's not like I'm especially crafty, but still it will me neater.

сряда, октомври 29, 2008


I know it's far from perfect. But I'm so happy making this! I accidentally found the pattern on my computer - I have no idea where is it from - but I wanted to make it so badly. So ny making this onigiri purse I:
-Made for a first time a multicolour knitting pattern
-made a purse with a zipper
- and with a lining!


I failed in making a round Sharingan once again but next time I'll definetely do it! It's a Mangekyo because I like how it looks the most and as a tribute to Itachi

Turtle once again

And it won't be the last. It seems that turtles are very popular presents... but soon I'll be sick making them... Still... they're cuties

His name is Golden McTed and he has not only a carapace but a box to hide inside too. Even so, he doesn't like to rest inside but prefer exploring.
I personally think that this is the cutest turtle I made, but noone sharess my opinion. So I have yet another request for a purple one. That would be the third or forth I'll be making... Nyaaa there were too many birthdays lately...

вторник, октомври 21, 2008

сряда, октомври 08, 2008

Cotton only!

I love cotton. Especially after I knitted the pig. It was so easy and nice to knit, I really enjoyed it. And that cotton I used was almost as thick as the floss (a little bit more). So I decided to give it a try and make a cotton bracelet too! I bought red and black to try the Sharingans and the Jigoku Shoujo sign. Also white. One always has to have some white. First the black was such a pain - till I roll it into balls.
And I printed the colour pattern of the knitting Byakuya. I want to make him so badly! But I can't find all the colours I need. the woman from the shop suggest to make his scarf red O.O

Tedious Ted

That's Ral personal little Tutrle. By her request, his name is Ted and he has the same colours as Raff. (Even though that I wanted to try something different like pink cotton body with fluffy purple stripes). I don't know why but he's smaller than the others, despite the fact that I used the same yarn and needles as before. The other difference between him and Raff is that Ted has small beads for eyes.
And he's head heavy like all the others.

събота, октомври 04, 2008

A movie worth speaking

Cyrano de Bergerac
When I watched it the first time, I cried. When I watched it again, I cried even more. Without doubt, it's a movie worth speaking for, but it left me speachless. I usually don't cry on movies, the last one I shed tears on, as Troy, when Hector and then his father died. But Cyrano de Bergerac is not your usual romantic tragedy. It's somthing different, something special...
Нещо, на светлинни години от глупавия филм Роксан, американския съвременен вариант на класиката. Първия път, когато гледах филма, беше още преди гимназията. Беше късния филм след 10 и аз сис тоях само в стаята и си хниках. Историята ми бе представена първо за комедия - странната история на войника и поет Сирано, когото съдбата е надарила с огромен нос. Но истината не оправда очакванията ми - точно обратното - надмина ги в противоположна посока. Да, съдбата се е подиграла със Сирано - но не само заради "израстъка на лицето му", а защото винаги другите на негов гръб получават това, което той заслужава. Сцената под балкона на Роксан, когато Сирано "с променен глас" изказа истинските си чувства, е сигурно най-красивата любовна сцена. "Ромео и Жулиета" ряпа да ядат. Мразя тези глупачета.
Сега гледах филма след 3 години учене на френски. Те не ми бяха достатъчни да гледам филма съвсем без субтитри, но успях да оценя стиховете. Не мога да кажа кои са ми любими. Всички. Като се почне от от
Qu'à la fin de l'envoi, je touche.
през прекрасиня диалог относно Дон Кихот, който в момента краси Скайпа ми

Sur le chapitre des moulins !

CYRANO (saluant):
Chapitre treize.

Car, lorsqu'on les attaque, il arrive souvent. . .

J'attaque donc des gens qui tournent à tout vent ?

Qu'un moulinet de leurs grands bras chargés de toiles
Vous lance dans la boue !. . .

Ou bien dans les étoiles !
и разказа на "човека от луната" до прекрасната финална сцена в парка на манастира. Няма повече да цитирам, защото това би означавало да копирам тук цялата пиеса. Любовните писма на Сирано. Саркастичните му забележки. Всичко заслужава да бъде цитирано.
Сирано дьо Бержерак наистина е филм, който е събрал всичко у себе си. А Сирано дьо Бержерак е истинският мъж, събрал всичко у себе си. Поет и войник, романтичен, горд, темпераментен, готов винаги да се впусне в битка, за да защити, било то чест или живот. Мъж, подобен на който днес е трудно, да не кажем невъзможно да намериш.
Il y a malgré vous quelque chose
Que j'emporte, et ce soir, quand j'entrerai chez Dieu,
Mon salut balaiera largement le seuil bleu,
Quelque chose que sans un pli, sans une tache,
J'emporte malgré vous,
(Il s'élance l'épée haute):
et c'est. . .
Mon panache.

Mood: Sad/Crying/Touched

понеделник, септември 29, 2008


This absolutely adorable little piggy is called Boo! Boo means Oink, Oink or Gruh Gruh - anyway that pig sound on Japanese. His pattern comes from schaeferyarn.com. I adore him! He's so huggable! I'm almost envious that I'll have to give it away - its for present. But first I have to arrange his ears. And maybe make some "ninja" accessories.

понеделник, септември 15, 2008

New Keychain! ^^

It was a pain to draw this! I use picture from Gimp and then a needle to put the paint because the line s were too thin to use brush. I think it turned nice. At least nicer than poor Sasuke's ;(

понеделник, септември 08, 2008

Uchiha keychain

This photo sucks. The keychain looks better, honest! And I took the photo after the first layer of paint. Nya, I like it. I made it for Sasuke, but he'll be able to take it not earlier than 15th. I had to redo it 3 times, because I couldn't sew it right. But in the end I somehow did it.
Yes! I sew it! Could it be a beginning of something bigger? Yeah sure, you wish.

петък, август 15, 2008

The Thoughtfull Teddy

Pattern used : Breezy bear from Joyful Toys

But for some reason or other, I didn't want to make neither breezy nor joyful bear. And I had that lovely greyish yarn *in love* And so, Ashton (Ash) Rainbow was born. It really was pleasure knitting him. Sewing the body was a little hard for me, nut somehow I did it. The big problems came then. I ran out of grey yarn just before finishing the ears. So I decided to use brownish one for the front of the ears and the muzzle. BUT! *hnik hnik* Right after I started, I saw that the yarn was all torn, moth-eaten! I hardly made the ears, and there was no yarn left at all for the muzzle. So poor Rainbow was left this way ;(
And about the name. Ash, ok, it's clear, but why Rainbow?
Because I want so.
And because I'm so in love with this photo:

неделя, август 03, 2008

New knitted and something else

8) Getting better, ne?

The patterns for those 2 are from the Knitted Toy Box

понеделник, юли 14, 2008

quotes form the old notebook

When you cry, I'll cry with you. when you laugh, I'll laugh with you. When you jump out of the window... I'll laugh again.

I'm shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use (Johnny Depp)

В лудостта логиката не е необходимо условие.

Sadnedd makes the rbbons fly (Army of Lovers)

Friends are like bras, close to your heast and all about support!

Even when mountaind flatten
And riverbeds run dry;
And earth moves to become
one with the sky;

Even when winter has thunder
and summer has snow;
Never will my feeling do
anything but grow.
(Bride of the Watergod)

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return (Nat King Coil)

Aко нещо не стане от първия път... от втория път... от третия път.. от четвъртия път... КАКВО ЗА БОГА ТЕ КАРА ДА МИСЛИШ, ЧЕ ЩЕ СТАНЕ ОТ ПЕТИЯ?!?

I'm not suffering from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.

Животът е лайно. Да го настъпим заедно!

Some people never go crazy... what a horrible life they must have!

Ако искаш сигурна инвестиция, купи си надгробен камък.

On net men are men, women are men and children are the FBI.

Love me, feed me, never leave me!

People like you are the reason why people like me need medication.

Stare into my cute, evil eyes... now give me all the doughnuts!

You're dead, but the world keeps spinning.

I'm an angel, honest! The horns are just to keep the halo stright!

If nothing lasts forever.... then you'll be my nothing.

I'm secretly frying your brain cells.

We're not retreating, we're just advancing in a different direction.

I didn't mean to fall in love but I did, you didn't mean to love me back, but I knw you did.

"Hate" means that I really really don't like you.

If you're a dreamer, come in!
If you're a dreamer,
a wisher, a lier,
a hoper, a prayer,
a magic bean buyer;
if you're a pretender,
come sit by my fire

Spiders and witches

Here is the last bracelet I made. I haven't made anything for a while so I'm happy I was able to finish it. It's not easy to overcome my own laziness. I started it maybe a month ago and that spider pattern was choosed randomly. But after that Alice Cooper concert mom was to, she brought back a great wizard hat - blue, with golden spiders on ot! such a coincidence, ne? :p Yesterday sis made me a whole witch photosession, but as always, my photos were bad. I'm just not photogenic. Still, it was fun. I was in black, black skirt and top, black nail polisch and a black ribbon over my neck. The only other colour was blue, with the hat and the big "amethyst", also from the concert.
Here's the whole bracelet. I'm proud with the spider's web :D

And I took photo of that badge too, because I thought the text's a little.. witchy lol

неделя, юни 22, 2008

French Quotes

Je crois au soleil
ême quand il ne brille pas;
Je crois en l’amour
ême quand je ne le ressens pas;
Je crois en Dieu
ême quand il ne répond pas.

…cette boussole intérieure que nous appelons notre coeur. Lequel a tendance à s’affoler dès qu’on arrive près de son pole, c’est-à-dire, de ses antipodes.
Ce qui fait qu’on ferme les yeux au moment meme où l’on devrait en ouvrir au moins un, est le bon. Mais si l’on voyait réellement les êtres tells qu’ils sont, avides, apeurés, intéressés, egoists et sournois, mentant sur leur propres buts et sur eux-même, on prendrait ses jambes à son cou!
Et personne n’aimerait jamais personne.
C’est heureusement parce que nous nous trompons les uns sur les autres (plus encore que les uns les autres) que c’est si beau, l’amour, si émouvant.

Il faut que l’âme proteste contre la contrainte des choses.

Au demeurant, ce que nous appelons amis et amities, ce ne sont que relations et familiarités nouées au grés des circonstances ou pour un quelconque profit et c’est la raison pour que nos âmes se tiennent ensemble. ( M. de Montaigne)

Il n’existe pas de narchands de bonheur…
Il n’existe pas de machine à bonheur…
Il existe des gens qui croient au binheur.
Ce sont des gens qui font eux-mêmes leur bonheur.


Those are either from my French textbook or from my lessons. Yup sometimes even the manuals have hits. :)

btw I'm used once again as a bin for emotional rubbish >>
Finished Wolf's rain the manga ( in luv)
And have a sunburn (that hurts).

четвъртък, юни 19, 2008

Knitting advance

Advancing as fast as a turtle

This fellow here is Raffaello Sanzio, a.k.a Raff

And this sad and blue-looking one is Mikelangelo Buanarotti. Don't wonder why he's like this - I took him in school and... well he still has 2 eyes... almost...

Patterns for the turtles from The Knitted Toy Box
Such a wonderful blog, full of pattern I simply have to do!!!

So, I may be advancing slow, but I'm doing this with all my heart:

And the Heart pattern is from here

сряда, май 28, 2008

probably the last post for May

It's hot. I'm bored and in the same time I have so many things I have to do and so many I want to do but I don;t have the time. Like knotting for example
Today I put this bracelet as a wristlet on my old watch. Not looking that bad.

понеделник, май 19, 2008


Miscellaneous misc

This little ugly-looking thing is my attempt to made the Sand Village sign. I suppose it could be worse... btw my Konoha sign had worn out and broken T_T. so this cration of mine makes the tag "bracelets"

неделя, април 27, 2008


27th of April was Easter! Yay, nice day lol I almost won at the egg battle but alas ^^ Also we're in vacation, maybe tommorow I'll go shopping, the other weekend will be going to Plovdiv to watch cosplay, watched so much Kenshin lately.. nyaa lige if wondergful :P
Just.. damn it Saito can't be dead! I'm sick and tired of seeing my fav characters in anime and manga get killed!!!!

петък, април 11, 2008

knew it, knew it, KNEW IT!!!

~~~~ NyaaaadidntItoldyaItachiis a goodguy,toldyatoldyatoldya!!!!Iknewitjust knewitallthetimeand IreallyKNEWHEWASGOINGtogivehiseyesti sasuke(thoughhedoesntdeservethem!!!)
i'm getting too excited but just..
he was protecting Konoha AND his~foolish little brother Sasuke~ all along, and it's juat sooo cute I'm so happy about it and..
I DON'T KNOW HOW I"LL WAIT TWO WEEKS for the next chapter!!!! ;(((
Oh please, Itachi, be alive be alive be alive
nyaa I'm going to read the chapter once again

вторник, април 08, 2008


Vampires and Books - 2 of my favourite things in one anime! And that vamp is just so cute! nya~~~ I wanna man like him *so in love*

And, btw, I'm sick and tired of tests. Everyday. Enough already!

събота, април 05, 2008

new one!

He he. Proud of myself, just a little. This is the first bracelet with more than 2 colours, made by oattern without written instructions. It can't be seen well in the picture. but 3 shades of grey and 3 of purple were used.

And I refuse to accept that Itachi is dead.

watched Sweeney Todd. Beautiful music but some of the scenes were a bit too realistic. and I' ll never eat meat pie.

Itachi's alive.

понеделник, март 31, 2008

Blood sugar

that little verse I've made for Blood sugar... I made it longer... it's because of R... I wasn.t going to post my writing here, but it's not "real thing" so here it goes...

Can't you see me clear?
Your sugar is too high.
Don't you wonder dear
Why so red are those stripes?
A candy cane; so bloody, bittersweet and sugary,
so delicious yet so real
a devil's venom one time deal.
In the box, here they hide;
hiding venom deep inside.
Lumps of sugar white as snow
with small red hearts that wait and grow.

Oh, you can't resist?
You reach your hand
for plesure that don't exist.
You want to grab it but you can't.
Well, ok...

Take it, take it, Mistress gives you
but she'll take something instead.
She'll give you lump, then she'll kiss you
taking soul, blood, flesh
and your last breath.

The price is small, you said...
She needs them to make another cane
with sugar so white and stripes so red
that they can drive insane.

And so another one will make the deal
so delicious yet so real.

понеделник, март 24, 2008

a keychain

just wanted to post the keychin I made for B. I'm not completely satisfied with how it looks. It could be better. But still she liked it.

Now I want to make so many things, I have such plans but I don't have time at all. T_T

сряда, март 19, 2008

have been sick...

Those past few days, I was sick :( I was feeling really bad most of the time, but tried to be more optimistic ;) And so the good things were that I had the time to made some bracelets ( and patterns too!)
So first goes this little thingy for my cellphone. I simply love it! It's the Konoha sign. Lol, now I can speak for free with all of the Konoha shinobis ^^ hehe and I'm going to make also the Sand Village sign ]:)

and second is my Nerd bracelet >.> It's weird but I still like it. I decided to make it the very first time I saw it in the forum. My classmates said I went crazy but I think it's cool :p Still anime designs are better! Oh I just need the time and I'll make more anime bracelets :))))

And the second good thing was that I had more time for watching anime!!!!^____^ And now I'm up to episode 205 of Yu-Gi-Oh. And finally, the Egyptian series has begun! At last I'll see all about Kisara and Seto and the Blue-eyes
~Nyaaa~ and the showed Seto in that white suit and he was sooo cute!
Seto sure is one of my favourites, actually he was my "first anime love" lol But right now I care more for Itachi. Maybe tomorrow the new chapter will be out... at least I hope so! :l

събота, март 15, 2008

Itachi, manga, anime, publication and stuff

OMG, OMG, OMG , I've just read the last chapter of Naruto and I don't how I'll be able to wait for the next one. >.<
but it's so not true. I mean, Itachi didn't even tried to rip out his brother's eyes, he just made the same gesture he used to make when they were kids. And look at his face, it's so calm I was even expecting him to say " Foolish little brother" before colapsing. I'm sure that if Itachi really wanted Sasuke's eyes he could have taken them, at that moment Sasuke was totaly helpless... This really was an unexpected ending, but I'm glad. So, think whatever you want, but for me this is the ultimate prove that Itachi is a good guy.

Second, today I read too a new chapter of Ludwig Kakumei. And maybe for a half an hour I couldn't stop laughing. =DDDDD Some say AS is Kaori Yuki's best work, or Godchild (I love Cain too!!!) but still for me Ludwig is the best!

And a new anime added to my watching list - Kaiketsu Zorro. It's becouse a recently read the book and realize two things: first - that the movie with Banderas has nothing in common with the book, and second, I remembered an anime I watched when I was little. Adventures of Zorro. I really liked it and I thought it will be nice to rewatch it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere in English T_T and now I have to watchi it in youtube in Spanish, Polish and Italian T_T. Still good anime, anyway!

And I'm getting better with the knitting :} I have to make a picture if my first knitted piece.

And the last, but probably the most important news! I finally get my short story published! Though I don't like very much this story of mine ( "Cure of Letha", it's about a boy who's searching for a medicine for his mother and his only hope are the Letheans waters, but nothing goes as planned ) However it is my very first publication!!! ^^ And talikng about writhing, on that French contest our team sure made a crazy story ROFL! It's 200 words more than the maximum but asking me it really went great - it's original, fun, and I bet noone else would write about a pirat rat-alcoholic named Invino Veritas. lol proud of ourselfs!

четвъртък, март 13, 2008

My bracelets till now

As I said, here I want to write about my interests and making bracelets is one of them. I really get into it thanks to Heather's friendship bracelets forum. I love it, but, unfortunately I don't have much time for knotting. Anyway, here are the bracelets I made till now. They aren't many, but I hope my collection will grow! ^^

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