сряда, декември 12, 2012

Advent blog hop - I'm day 12!!!

Hello lovelies :D
It's been so long, but even if I've been a terrible blogger, Jo from Serendipitous Stitching not only had let me in the blog hop, but gave the most awesome day of the hop - 12.12.12!!
Go and see all the participants and their awesome blogs here!
I've missed keeping up with half of the hop already, so today I saw for a first time some of the beauties and pretties people have posted= And thought "Oh dear. What I'm even doing here! >.>" Then I looked at my sheep. And the sheep looked back.
And anyway, now it's your turn to have a look at my sheep and my very tiny Christmas corner in my room!
Yup, that's my One sheep open sleigh, finished! Finished in a very sily way, but what ever, after MORE THAN AN YEAR, it's done! Happy dances all around.
But please don't look for the mistakes and for the things missed out of lazinnes. Please, please, don't.
And the theme this year is Stocking, Sack or Something else?"

 Well, stockings have never been used in my country. Lately you can see people buying ornamented stockings, but just as part of the Christmas decorations, without much more meaning. I still think they're really pretty and cute, but always wondered - what about the bigger presents?XD
So presents here, at least in theory, are left under the Christmas tree. When my sister and I were little, our parents hided them around the house (as if we couldn't find them, lol) and put them under the night before Christmas. Lately, mom is basically more curious than us and eager to know wheter we like our presents, or not. So it's not unusual for her to pop up an hour or two before  midnight on 24th, asking us to open the presents! XD

This is all from me for now! Now I'm off to comment on the other Advent hoppers and I hope I;ll be able to blog again soon - vacation is almost vere!

9 коментара:

Carolyn каза...

I love it! One Sheep open Sleigh...too cute!

What a great story hiding the presents around the house.

Thank you for sharing!


Tiki каза...

Love the sheep!!!

Wendy каза...

Your One Sheep Open Sleigh is brilliant!! I love it!! We have small gifts in the stockings and big ones under the tree!

Vickie каза...

Oh I love it!! Great work. =)

emily каза...


I found you through Random Ramblings.

I love your sheep finish it's so sweet!
Happy Weekend!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname каза...

Thanks for taking part in the Advent Calendar. I love your One Sheep Sleigh!
The Present hunt sounds fun too.

Anne каза...

Nina!! How have you been? Missed you! I've been quite busy myself with work but been thinking of you!! I love that Sheep Sleigh and how your parents hid the gifts! So much fun to run around and try to find them!!



rosey175 каза...

Yay, you finished your sheep! I love how your mom gets more excited about you opening the presents, ahaha. I think the present hunt is a great idea.

Kaisievic каза...

I really like your one sheep sleigh - so unique and cute!

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