събота, ноември 10, 2012

Yeah, I know, I know *hiding behind a wall of shame* I've been a terrible blogger, I admit it. And not just that - but also a terrible commenter and a horrible stitcher as well >.> Not only I 've been missing all the stuff going on in the bolgging world for the past months, I also haven't stutched since... mm well since the last time I posted something here. Ah, the shame, the shame..
As usual, I blame being busy for it all. And being lazy. Yup, def being lazy. We've really been quite busy at Uni since the start of the year, but things are now waaaay more interesting since the previous two years of study, so I can't really complain about that.

Anyway, on the crafty side.. since I really hate posting without a piccu of something, or at least a book read= The good news! I've made 3 bday cards since the start of the school year. the bad news - I took a pic of only one..
I've been reading more than crafting, since it's quite easier to carry a book around and read a couple or pages or so, than move with you all the stitchy supplies. But Christmas and new Year are coming and I'm hoping to get some work done. Also, I need to sit ap and write some excuse for a book review, because I basically finished some challenges and If I simply don't make it with reviews... well, I'll be really, really mad at myself >.>

This is all for now. Sorry for not being active and not checking your place often enough. I'll try and make up for it!

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