събота, октомври 31, 2009


Can you find the error?
This is the first part of the cross stitch I'm making for a birthday card for my French Teacher :3 It was love at first sight with this pattern that I found on this blog. And I still can't download anything form here, even using the school computers, so it seems Bulgarians can't download att all >.< Sad... So I'm really grateful to Eryn, thanks to her I'm able to stitch this ^^
So, did you find the error? It's pretty obvious, I know - I missed a row on the light purple sock ^^"" Lets just say it had shrunck during the washing...

неделя, октомври 25, 2009

Choco Choco


A Choco Choco Clap Clap

A Choco Choco Slap Slap

Everybody say a


Everybody in the world loves chocolate!
Oooh, we love it!

Oh, It makes you happy!
Yeah, it gets you sexy!

It makes you fat
but we don't care about that!

Come on!
Un, dos,
Un, dos, tres!


And I just love this song soo much *w* And this pattern too, and someday I'm so stitching it again for personal use! It's from Cyberstitcher. and this is the next b-day card, for a birthday that was on 17th, but I had an official permission to slow down the work a little ^^"" The next classmate birthday is March, but I'll be making a card for my teacher who's born in December. I found the perfect pattern and thanks to the great forum mate from 1337 xstitch forum I'll be able to start it ^///^
Ups, my sister will be probably reading this blog too... I'll start your present too!!! I'll work on both of them in parallel! Promise!

петък, октомври 23, 2009


Here I am, Friday night at 1.30 am, after happily passing few hours writing over the electrolysis. And NaCl. Again and again. Whoever wrote all those exercises, seriously lacked imagination. Na, and Cu, and sometimes Zn, but always Cl >.< Add something with Br, just for the colour! And my mother asking if I was stitching some kind of aldehyde when she saw the CHO beginning of the chocolate cross-stitch, killed my daily enthousiasm for crafts.
While writing the themes, I was stopping to have some rest every 1-2 pages and to relax, I watched some videos (that fortunatelly aren't on youtube, because lately it's acting like ->add a fav word here<- deleting all my fav videos, AMVs and even trailers) But for now I decided I'm done for tonight and will finish the rest tomorrow. And surprisingly felt like blogging for those very clips. Fact is, that I hate all sport activities, except one, which can hardly be called sport. It's art. combining the best of dance, theatre and music, and bringing it all together on the ice. This, of course, is the figure scating. And as this is the only sport I approve, also the only tv program I watch. Ice Age is how it should be translated, I believe, and it really frees the sportsmen from the annoying rules of the professional ica scating, giving themm all the freedom to really turn the sport into art. As far as I know the concept of the program is used in many countries - to bring a scater and musician/actor/etc together to form a couple - but I'm watching the Russian version, because there are two Bulgarian scaters performing there. if it was a competition, I would naturally be for them, but as it is not, I feel free to have another favourite couples ^w^ And now I'll just enjoy rewatching them again, and again, and AGAIN, preparing for tomorrow when the new issue is coming!

For the theme "England", Holy Hamlet, this is not something you can see during the Olympics! When I first watched I was just amazed. And I should be used to this, because this is my fav couple and they're always making quite the performance. But this one here was one of their best and craziest ideas ever. Go Navka & Marat! :3

I want such pony! Still one the theme "England" as one may guess, this couple is one of my fav too, and it's getting extra points, because I know the actor quite well from movies and series (and when I forgot his name, I just call him count Repnin). But he was seriously eating the flowers.

Evil woman, why are you making fun of the pretty boy! The prettiest boy on the ice, if you ask me ^///^ And the theme here is actual to me, cause those two were playing graduates on the prom...

And this is our girl, Albena! I usually don't like too much their performances here, simply because her partner, who's a great musician, true, but on the ice is like a bear. Cute teddy bear. But this time they did it. The waltz they've chosen and the moves did it ^^

Lol, so enough for now. Tomorrow I'll have few more faves, because the theme will be Latino-american, and I'm sure it will be pretty cool

сряда, октомври 21, 2009


My second biscornu really turned way better than the first one. I really love it ^____^ It's a present too, and I'll give it on Friday. Till then, it's still mine :P But I really need to make one for myself, I just need a pincushion

сряда, октомври 14, 2009

Birthday card 2 + some usual babling

The second birthday on my list was on the 13th, and now Ernestina has a brand new owner. I hope she'll care for her ^^ At least the girl who get the card, seemed to really like it, and this made me really happy :) I love when people like the things I handmake for them ^///^
So here is the final version of the card (scanned):
I think it looks fairly good, even better than the previous (but the reason for this is mostly the aida) and including the fact that it was finished after midnight... like this is something unusual for me. When done, I decided that it would be better to scan it now, instead of taking the usual photo. But the scanner, or more likely the laptop, decided to act like a b**ch. When I first turned it on, the mouse didn't want to click, it only moved around aimlessly. I had to restart it in order to scan and save, but then it refused to save the images. Just later I found that in the end it saved one of the images, of the front of the card, but not those of the inside. So in the morning, before going to school, I took some pictures:
Don't blame me for the crappy quality! I took it at 6.30 am, and in the mornings I don't even have the time to get some coffee, so this is the best photo I was able to tool, half-asleep (not to say fully). Like said before, the pattern for Ernestina is from Tattie Grenouille's blog, and there should be link somewhere in the left...
Now, after finishing the other October card, I plan to do something for myslef. I still don't know what exactly, maybe I'll give another try to the Hitachiin twins, or stitch some of the tempting patterns on 1337 xstitch, or try making a pattern on my own for some of my new anime loves... grr I'm the worst... >.<
Btw my new anime love is Hetalia Axis Powers! ^///^ Oh the cuteness! I'm so in love with it now, and with all the bishies. At first Italy annoyed me to the bone. But after just a few episodes... after seeing him dreaming for pasta, wacing the white flag *Pata, pata, pata* and running to Germany crying "Doitsu, Doistu, tasketeeee T____T" I fell helplessly in love with this one too. In the same time I can't help but sympathize Germany who has to run and help him whenever Italy can't tie his shoelaces. But all of them are just so amazingly cute - from Germany through Russia to Canada (oh, poor Canada needs more love!) They even showed Bulgaria

.... and now I'm so mad at my own country for bulling Italy >.<

And one last thing I wanted to flaunt about ^w^ My new pen that I got exactly when I'm starting the human anatomy! Isn't it the cutest thigh-bone ever?

петък, октомври 09, 2009

Birthday Deadlines

Honestly, there are too many people, born in October! I'm hardly handling it every year. I remember how last year I ran from one birthday to another (and slept during half of the second birthday cause the night before we fell asleep (where "fall asleep" isn't really equal to "go to bed" around 4 am. This year I don't plan to run around, but still choosing/buying/making presents is giving me a little hard time. However, I just can't put those cross-stitches under "hard time" because I enjoy su much working on them ^^
Ernestina is already stitched and all that's left is turning her into proper bday card.

I sooo like how it turned out :3 Lol of course, the back is pure chaos like always, I just can't get the handle of doing it properly.
Since the first stitch, Ernestina was a Bleach fan. She grew up with the Zanpaktou arc and her first word was Bankai! (wait, you'll say, how comes a fish talks? Now you're stupid! Whales are mammals! ) I finished hew few days ago, again while watching the Bleach movie 3 Fade to black: I call your name. The plot came pretty weak in the end, but young Byakuya, with his hair let, and Hisana, totaly repaid me for that strange blond thing obsessed with Rukia, and that brother, who really reminds me of someone, but I can't recall who.
Anyways, after Ernestina, whose deadline is October the 13, the next is the Chocolate project, with deadline October the 20 (but eventually a lil more)
I can't say that this cup of tea or hot chocolate is a fan or anything, but for now I was stitching it while watching Samurai Champloo. But I finished it today (and it was about time, I must say!) so no more chocolate champloo. An absolutely awesome anime, but as I liked the end, I can say that I'm okay with this. I'm just so happy that both Mugen and Jin lived in the end! ^////^ They got me so scared in the last episodes.
Hmmm... there definetely was something more I wanted to blog about, but I'm so sleepy I can't remember. nya, wouldn't be big deal anyway. Ernestina whale pattern from Tattie Grenouille and chocolate from Cyberstitchers.com - Barbara Ana.
Oh yeah, I remembered! Yesterday I made 100 views on the blog, yay. But since I want to keep the last bits of my pride, I'f like to keep secret when exactly I turned on the counter.

вторник, октомври 06, 2009

Vamp tale in colour

Veniaminna for Topcho by *PsychoPuffle on deviantART
My sister's style is getting better in a blink of an eye, I already knew that, but till the very last moment I didn't know that she was drawing my Veniamina! I saw the pic only after it was uploaded on DA!

This is part of my birthday present from sis (yey, I'm getting a birthday present half year before the actual birthday! :P). First it was going to be 4 bookmarks with various anime characters and Maya had a lot of fun choosing my most hated ones and threatening me that she'll draw a bookmark for every single one of the Lobelia members. MySpace
But then she read my Vamp Tales and I was very happy that she liked them! She even decided that instead of anime characters, she wants to draw my OCs from the stories - which made me even happier.
So here comes the first one of the set, featuring Veniamina, the pretty witch that knows not the meaning of words such fairplay, loyality or modesty, cause her dictionary is missing pages. Instead, she knows quite well how to mess with someone's mind (or guts), can tell fortunes and play poker with the very same cards she used to predict that you're going to lose lot of money. With all of this, of course, she's my favourite female character.
In the picture up there she looks quite kinder than she is. But Veniamina is a little foxy, and I suppose right know she's trying to regain Nicola's benignancy.
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