понеделник, август 31, 2009

Threads, books, wips and bla,bla,bla...

Today I finished arranging my books! Yey, I'm proud of myself ^___^ Because I'm really a messy person. So probably my nice, arranged books won't stay like this for long, because that would mean not touching them at all, and I already picked The children of Hurin to read. I put many old books aside, in bookcases and left on the shelves only my favourite ones and those I plan to read. And I also tried to gather together the books that belong to one serie. So here comes my cleaned bookshelf :D
Shelf 1! Presenting my fat dictionaries. I haven't used them for years because I prefer the computer versions ^^; But those are still useful... especially when I'm doing aerobics and I need a stepper! Hidden behind are some books I'm suppose to ead... And lying next is Terry Deary's Horrible Histories Serie! I absolutely love those even since I was little. Never laughed so much to book filled with so much blood.
Shelf 2 comes with the volumes of the manga magazine Shogun on the first line. Right behind them is my Tolkien collection, who now's missing Hurin. LOTR is my alltime favourite book, and I also love the issue of the books - it's in too volumes, not 1(so hard to read such a big thing!) or 3 (like the original); and it's from the year when I was born. My collection misses also Silmarillion, that I gave years away and never take back

Shelf 3 keeps my little manga collection, so small and shy that it's hiding behind the Watch sere of Sergey Lukyanenko. Another favourite! I love it, especially Night Watch, Twilight Watch and Last Watch. The second book, Day Wacth, wasn't that good to me, but still bearable. The big books are various albums and such and some magazines, Yup, CC can even be seen a little!
And finally, shelf 4 is filled with Harry Potter on the back stage. The 7th book's missing, cause I lend it, hope I'll have it back, but still we have some extra volumes in French, HP school books (I haven't reaf yet the quidditch one) and Beedle. And on the front is Terry Pratchett! My second favourite fantasy writer after Tolkien!

Also, there are many cats on the shelves. They are my sister's but I use them to prevent the books from falling... and for other things. I cleaned a lot of space, because autumn is coming and that means new books! I wanna keep collecting all those series.
Phew, I sure talked a lot of the books, even thought it's 3.30am! This is because I'm such a book worm... and becaused I drank coffee at 11pm >.< ------- The other thing I tried to put in order is my threads. They aren't many, I know! But unfortunately they don't tend to become more. Because I'm poor, nyaa >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_hPxC0VmIiJM/Spxt7WTxpcI/AAAAAAAAAT0/tpa5Aj4nwR0/s1600-h/PIC_0017.JPG">The giraffe. Goodbuy lovely yellow background, hi boring white. I tend to hate more and more this damn fabric with those f***** orange lines. I've done this much for 4 days. I could have make a small project for that time! And I have to finish it for Friday but it's getting me so bored... When I can't work on it anymore, i'm sticthing this:
I'm trying to make another biskornu! :D I took this photo in the early evening, but then started watching Samurai Champloo and...
It's getting quite nice, so desu neee? And Samurai Champloo is seriously cool! I haven't watched battles this good since Samurai 7. I suppose I just neede some of this stuff. Lately I've been watching too much futire anime - Geass, Bebop, Trigun (btw I really wonder about that cat from Trigun...) After all beautiful sword fights are the best d(^^)b

събота, август 29, 2009

New anime pattern site!


It has the ambition to gather all the anime cross-stitch patetrns on the net! It's found by the deviant Kairi-chan16 .And it's evolving fast! It's full of awesome patterns already! One very good ting is, that there are posted littlemojo's patterns. I don't know what happened to her site, which was awesome, but anyway it's so good to have the patterns back. Nyaa I liked so many patterns I want to try, and I want to do those of the Anime Stitching Blog. I'm falling in love with this blog,seriously, it has so many if my favourite characters, but I'haven't got the time to stitch even one yet T___T. Grr, I really need more time.
The site accepts "donations of patterns" too, and lol, I decided to give some too. I never thought about posting patterns I made myself, because 1) I'm a newbie stitcher 2) I didn't know how to export the patterns from the program till lately. Now I know how. It's surprising, but I have to use the button "Extract" in order to extarct a pattern. And 3| I stistched fully only Kisa and have DOGS and Hikaru as wips so I can't be sure there are no mistakes. But I decided to give it a try and I sent some.
Mmm yeah I suppose someone else is gonna find if the patterns are okay before I do!

петък, август 28, 2009

My first biscornu!

Purple side
Pink side
I miscounted the stitches and didn't find the exact middle. But it's still bearable :)
And the two parts before to turn them into a biscornu. But I don't remember where the patterns are from >.<"""" I remember I found them with google, searching for "free biscornu pattern" and those were one of the first results.

вторник, август 25, 2009

Giraffe in Progress

Ohh Yeah, the crosses are back and this time they're BIG! I mean it! But I loved working on it soo much! I've never been so excited about stitching something. I did this for 2 or 3 days max and in the evening I was going to sleep with the thought how I was going to continue stitching tomorrow, lol. Mayne it's because the pattern is so unbelievably cute! I made it in purple instead of pink, but I think it's cute this way too.
But like always, there are some evil people, envying his cuteness and mocking him. Granma said he looks unshaven, and Mom wanted to give him the name Muamba and make him flying giraffe eating seagulls.
Btw I HATE hate hate this fabric. Because of those stupid organge lines! They can almost be seen through the white, and because of them I have to make some background. I can't leave it like this, but I still don't know what colour to make the background. I didn't want it to be white, because it's boring, maybe yellow, I like the yellow x purple combo. But now I'm out of yellow and red *shame* so itwill have to wait. And... we'll see..
Also this is supposed to become a birthday card in the end. I want to make a cross-stitched bday cards for all my friends from the class, because thus is going to ne our last year together.
The pattern is from Tatie Grenouille

понеделник, август 24, 2009

Kisa mini bag

And here I forgot to post Kisa here as well as on DA. So here it is. I love him, what else can I say!

петък, август 21, 2009

Code Geass KeyChain

When you watch at Itachi's rihg, you're getting under Mangekyou's ilusion. When you watch at Geass keychain, you are - that's right - getting under Geass' effect! But I'm not gonna tell you whose Geass is this! Mwwwhahaha ]:)
That's the best pattern I was able to come up with, and including the fact that I should keep it as small as possible, because ober 15 threads is already bothersome >.< (but still bearable, up to 20)
Anyway, like it pretty much :) But I can't help but made the comparison:
I guess everyone that had watched those too, made it. But it's impossible to avoid!

Death Note Vs Code Geass
Kira Vs Zero (Килър върсъс Нульо)
Light Vz Lelouch ( Светльо върсъс Люлю)

And who's the winner? For me? Why Lulu of course!
Мързи ме вече да пиша на английски (прозяв).

Още една причина Люлю да печели (да оставим настрана, че Люлю се прави на гадно мръсно егоистично копеле, докато всъщност е добричко, докато Светльо се прави на доброто умниче, дет ще помогне на тати, докато всъщност е гореспоменатото гадно и т.н. Аз обичам лошите-всъщност-добри герои! Can't help it T___T) е че Люлю не е виж-ме-във-всичко-ме бива и горкото охлювче е толкова загубено по физическо, че повече няма накъде. А Светльо ходи да играе тенис. Лъ също бтв, но то се храни подчертано нездравословно за сметка на това. Пък и къде ще сравняваш СС с... онова нещо... А, и още нещо - Лъ е безвъзвратно и неминуемо умрял. А да живет спойлерите, че Люлю е жив!!!
А, то и още има, ама и на бг ме мързи да си пиша.

Still, I may make a L keychain too. Then will there be new versus? Lchain vs GeassChain? I don't know, but if so, I myself can't tell who's gonna be the winner.

четвъртък, август 20, 2009

Cross stitch wip

Step by step, a photo per day, what I'm stiching now...
But I don't like it >.< I decided trying with half crosses / instead of crosses X because granma keeps telling me this is the right Gobelin stitch... But I liked the X-s better! And I hate this blcak 18-count...

неделя, август 16, 2009


Oooon this one is seriously giving me the chills! And how not! The all-mighty Tim Burton together with TIMUR BEKAMBETOV, the one responsible for the Night Watch!!! And the cherry on the top is the voice of Ilajah Wood. And the syrop over the cherry is that song

The actual crafts from the challenge till now

In the previous post the crafts were just enumerated, now I want to show them too.
48 -> on DA
93 -> Chibi on DA
Pattern from here
69 -> Playing Cards on DA

Pattern made by me using a random pic with the cards
63 - >Bakery on DA Pattern here

вторник, август 11, 2009

The Craft Challenge

Not knowing, as ususal, where to put my limits, in the end of June (oh gosh, it seems me so long ago!) I decided to go for it, and try completing a craft challenge. I think that for my 30th birthday I should be about done ^^; So here is the challenge, made by :iconjade-xe: ~Jade-Xe

Last update :69 - Playing Cards

Progress 4/50+
Les Rules~

*Pick 50 or more of these 100 themes to use to make ARTISAN CRAFTS items (these could be anything from plushies to legwarmers)

*One item shouldn’t count for more than one theme (cause that’s just no fun!)

*These should be NEW deviations, don’t use something you’ve already done!

*Don’t worry about the order~

*Don’t worry about how long it takes, completing it is amazing enough!~

Le List

1. Rainy Day

2. Mother Nature

3. Fluffy

4. Good Night

5. Tea Party

6. Boo!

7. Sunshine

8. [L]augh [O]ut [L]oud

9. Africa

10. Asia

11. Europe

12. Australia

13. Antarctica

14. South America

15. North America

16. At the beach

17. Royalty

18. Sour

19. Moustache

20. Lucky

21. Angel

22. Demon

23. Monochromatic (One color)

24. Punk

25. Retro

26. Monster

27. Fairy Tale

28. Nursery Rhyme

29. Crazy

30. Classical

31. Snacks

32. Winter

33. Spring

34. Summer

35. Fall

36. Boom!

37. Farm

38. Ninja

39. Pirate

40. Shoes

41. Neon

42. Fandom

43. Lolita

45. Tiny

46. Super Sized

47. Baby

DONE 48. Rainbow -> 02/07/2009

49. Space

50. Music

51. Video Games

52. Disney

53. Cosmetics

54. Breakfast

55. Lunch

56. Dinner

57. Lace

58. Mail

59. Nautical

60. Circus

61. Birthday

62. Candy

DONE 63. Bakery -> 07/07/2009

64. Internet

65. Hollywood

66. Picnic

67. Heart

68. Star

DONE 69. Playing Cards -> 08/08/2009

70. Tropical

71. Gypsy

72. Bubbles

73. Travel

74. Sushi

75. Eco-friendly

76. Prehistoric

77. Zodiac

78. Military

79. Costume

80. Doctor/ Medicine

81. Toys

82. Electronic

83. Beverage

84. School

85. Mystery

86. Emoticon

87. Faery

88. Cowboy/ Cowgirl

89. Hygiene

90. Sports

91. Fat

92. Skinny

DONE 93. Chibi -> 30\06\2009

94. Dream

95. Nightmare

96. Patched

97. Pointy

98. Twin

99. Mismatched

100. Art

The types of craft included will be knitting, knotting, cross-stitching and papercraft... But as in the next 10 years I'm planning to give a try to the crochet and the sewing, maybe, MAYBE someday stuff like this will show up.
. But really, I'll be doing this slowly. And besides, if I wanna do something and can't fill it in any category, I'll still be doing it.
So, let's get it started! ~29.06.2009~

сряда, август 05, 2009

Current wips

1) LOTR scarf. That's what I'm currently knitting, as I mentioned in my previous post. The Fair Island lines were kinda hard for me to make and I'm not absolutely happy with them. Other than them, I really love it, and love working on it. I even think the stitches are pretty neat (for me). I'm just afraid I'll run out of grey soon. The first ball of yarn has almost ended already, and I knitted only about 40 cm. So I'll maybe add white in the middle... hope it won't look too bad.. the problem is I took the last 2 balls of that grey yarn from the magasine, if I remember correctly. And on the lable, there is almost no info at all and this pisses me off >.<
2) As for the cross-stitching, this one is finished. It was hard to stitch... only because I was afraid all the time that I'll run out of red thread. And it was really old tread, I had it from my great granma... those string I ususally use to make bracelets. But when I started this project, this red was the inly one I had at the moment so I strted with it. And as I didin't know the brand (that probably doesn't exist anymore) it'd be very difficult to find the very same colour... even though it's just red... I hardly made it actually. Now I'm totally out if red. And today, when I went shopping, I forgot to buy >.<

събота, август 01, 2009

Some impossible goals to achieve

As the titles says, some impssible goals to achieve... that include enumration... and a hedgehog. The goals do not include the hedgehog though, but it's present in this post ;P

  • to watch 50 movies for an year (started april) - 9/50 anime doesn't count, but cartoon and western animation do . Rewatchings count
  • to read 100 books (started march) - 22/100 manga doesn't count. Rereadings do
  • to listen 10 000 tracks on last.fm (till april 2010) -3389
  • to have 2500 pageviews on DA (till February) - 1118
  • to make 2 months of anime watching on AP (till the end of 2009) - 1 month 2 days now
  • to finish the craft challenge (no timeline) 3/50/100
I count all of those clearly impossible. Actually I though the book's one was closest to achieve, cause I do like reading (more than watching movies - that's why the book's goal is 100 and the movie's - 50). But they say setting higher goals helps you. Yeah sure, I just don't know where to stop and it was probably again 3 am when I wrote those goals first (like it is now).

And here's the hedgehog! We saw him today when we went to Beglik Tash

Now I wanna have a pet hedghog ^^ this doesn't include counting, but is clearly impsooble too. Btw he ran very fast! At first he walked very slowly so we could make the pictures - for a moment the hedgie even stood without moving and only his nose was shivering. After the photo session ended, it ran away - I could never suppose that a creature with legs this short can run so fast!

Today (after coming home) I worked on the lotr tube scarf. I'm putting him as an entry for the craft challenge too. I knitted during 3 episodes of xxxHolic and half of the movie Johnny and the Dead. It's very pleasurable knitting this, because it's just a tube and I can knit without stopping, especially now, when I passed the first 2 Fair Island lines (they were pain in the *** to be honest). But now my fingers hurt and I can't continue typing >.<
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