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Finished challenge: Merely Mysteries

The focus of this challenge is to explore the different types of crime fiction out there.
I sign up for level:Down on Her/His Luck Gumshoe - Read two or more books falling into any of the sub-genres. Each book can be from the same sub-genre or can be varied among the different sub-genres. You pick the combination and the number of books.
I had somehardtime figuring the sub genres, but since I signed for the lowest level, I think I made it
The Whodunit
Locked Room Mystery
The inverted detective story
The historical whodunnit -The Willow patern - Robert van Gulik, Murder in Canton - Robert van Gulik, The emperor's pearl - Robert van Gulik
The police procedural
The professional thriller
The spy novel
Caper stories
The psychologycal Suspense
Spoofs and Parodies - Less Angel - Zotov- While giving a real detective story with a twist, this book is full of humor and in the same time a parody of the real world


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