сряда, май 26, 2010

Does luck have an expiration date?

Because I would like to keep the amazing luck I have these days for my exams in the beginning of July!
Not only I had an awesome prom, so much better than expected, but I also won the prize in the giveaway of Kttycat! Thank you so much!!! I hope you had a great birthday, and that you'll be healthy again soon! Thanks! *hug*

Mentioning the exams, I have to say that June and the first half of July won't be my craftiest months. I'll have to deny myself the pleasure of crafting for the sake of studying. Now that I made all the bday cards, I don't have an excuse (although I do want to make something for my teachers too, but!...) . I'll still be checking now and then.

In any case I promise that tomorrow I'll sit and do some real chemistry problems, and won't spend my time, reading about SnOT (which is just like SnOH, but with tritium)

and about
I can't imagine scientist doing these for real, but I guess they got bored sometimes too!
I won't be searching in youtube for stuff like this... (ah, those noble gases...)

Nor I'll be ....
"Ernie was a chemist,
now Ernie is no more.
For what he thought was H2O, was H2SO4."

But I can't promise I won't give a little of my time (just a little), to my favourite...

вторник, май 25, 2010

Pink ball dress!!!

The prom was so awesome!!!
I loved my dress, and hair, and friends, and teachers, and even the music was good - it was various so I could dance too :D Lol, can I have one next year again? I guess not... It was raining all day but fortunately it stopped for the meeting at school at 7. Still couldn't make many good outside pictures but at least no hair/dress damage :D Instead we had to make mostly indoor shoots
My whole class was so pretty!!! Honest - I'm not partial - we were the prettiest class
I really had so much fun - too bad all people were gone at 2 am and the party was over - so early! Most of them went to disco, but knowing the discos in the resort we were - not suiting my music tastes. Too bad I didn't have someone to dance with, because the best songs are for dancing in couples. There were also nominations and games - and I have no idea why - a girl who juggled with plates and other thing, lol . Lots and lots of fun XD
The only thing that wasn't good were the hotel rooms - they were sooo cold brrr :( I'm a warm loving creature, but even the boys said later that it was just way too cold! I almost didn't sleep because of this, and now my nose is raining *shif*
That's why I came back home earlier today and had a nice, long and warm sleep.
But I still wanna have a ball again.
But right now I better go and have something for my throat

неделя, май 23, 2010


I have almost unhealthy obsession about making varios lists - especially if it's of the net. I have my anime list (on two sites), my manga lists (again on two sites - but not the same), my movie list on IMDB (thought I haven't updated it for a long time...), I'm keeping track on my music with last.fm. The only thing I didn't have up till now was a place to list all the books I read. Finally I found such place!
I saw Shelfari on this blog and shamelessly stole it. For now I added the books from the list I built last year, the Pratchett books and the few books I read this year. You can see the widget in the bottom of the blog - but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it show random books and not only the first ones I added.
If you happen to have an account there, or by some time decide to make yourself one - be sure to come and visit me ! - http://www.shelfari.com/topcho I would love to know your book taste (just like now i'm getting to know the music taste of some of you :D )At least on my profile page it is showing books randomly.

Also I want to thank my new follower for becoming one :) It's the awesome person who made the free paper I used for the Tatty card. I follow your blog now too. Thank you for this and for all the generously offered freebies!

And just for the stats - I made over 1000 pageviews on this blog, or rather - you make them for me, lol! Thanks! The counter was started on 27th of July 2009 (but I'm hiding it >:D ) I wonder how many I will pile up for one round year. Thankies again :)

To end this blog post, one rather stupuid question - am I the only one who feels incredibly awkward posting comments on other unknown people's blogs. I saw such awesome blog almost daily and have the urge to stop and say "WOW! All of your stuff is stunning!" but often give up. All of this is very very stupid, because I myself love having comments like this >.< It seems a little easier on DA!

събота, май 22, 2010

Tatty Wonderland

As I mentioned in the previous post, yesterday was also a classmate's birthday - and exactly this one I was making the card for! So this is what she got from me.

Unlike other time, I can state where the scrapbooking elements come from - because I found them just yesterday. I literally spent hours searching the right paper for the card; and I finished making it at 4 am Friday morning XD Paper for the background is from here and Tatty elements from here (different kits)

I love making and giving away presents - it gives a such awesome feeligs. But to be honest, I almost didn't want to give those away, lol! I want Tatties for myself, too! XD


Yesterday was our "pomotion" in school and this brought lot of emotions. Noone really told us what exactly we're supposed to do in school, so the whole batch of graduates was just walking where we were pointed to, counting to 12 and sreaming :) This part I'd remember mostly with the fact that I was randomly picked by a reprter who wanted me to translate some phrase (at least she said that I got the fastest reaction of all people she tried) and that the heel of my show got stuck between the stone plates exactly when walking pass the school flag, in front of all the other students of teh school, rested planted there and I had to run back with my foot bare to pick my shoe.
Apart from the promotion, one friend had a birth-day, and another classmate - name-day yesterday, so there was a lot of celebration. Out tutor teacher loved the gifts the class gave her, and announced that we are the best class ever. And she is, with absolutely no place for discussion, the best-est theacher ever, in the whole wide world!!!
Here's a curly, chubby and laced me with Mme Hristakeva
There was a school concert after, something we weren't expecting. It was obvious the performance was made in hurry, but we appreciated the effort of everyone who took part, so it was ok.
But the most emotional part was when only our class gathered together to go to restaurant. Everything was so personal and touching; everybody was having fun, but in the very same time we were really sad, and when Mme Hristakeva had to go, the emotion just burst out. I was expecting myslef to cry that much, but I couldn't help myslef after all the kind things she said and I was just standing there crying like total idiot. But actually everyone did so, all the girls, we were crying and hugging eachother. We will miss her incredibly much; she's not only a great professional as a teacher, but also one of the most strong, kind and awesome people I know, for those 5 years she was constantly looking after us and guiding us.

понеделник, май 17, 2010

Tatty progress and omg I got smth kinda like a feature

First the Tatty progress :
Just let me say those flowers are hell to make. Other than this, it was very pleasent to stitch. I'm not using Aida, because this fabric (linen? no? i don't know) it's easier to work with especially with backstitching and stuff. And it's exactly the back stitch that is left. There were supposed to be white French knots for the flowers, but when I read "52 white french knots" I just went to get beads.
Photo is low quality, because I made it with a phone in rather dark room. But it's a miracle enough that I was able to connect it to the PC.

Second! Remember the lead duck I turned into a pin cushion not so long ago? And I showed you the blog I saw the idea from. Well I wrote a message saying thanks and all this kind of stuff ^^ And the she got me featured, wow! That was unexpected! Lol, so you know what that means? That the letter I wrote was understandable!!! You know, I haven't tried to write in Russian since I got in High School, and well my skills have gotten quite rusty!

Talking about high school, my second bac was today - French. Surprisingly it was worse than the Bulgarian and litterature one. The texts for comprehension (total of 5 - 3 listening& 2 reading) were quite easy, and the quality of sound for the oral was very good. Rather B1 or easier. The grammar was not so like it. They were emphasizing on stupid things. And I'll probably have mistakes on the gender of the words, and I hate myself for this. The writing part I didn't like neither. We were to write either a letter to our little pen friend or tell our opinion about the school uniforms. And this, in 160-170 words! O.o wtf? In 8th grade, it was 150 words. Now our usual limit in school is about 280-300, and damn it, the themes on the essays have a little more sense! My most favourite theme was Marchand de rêves (Dream seller), but well, everything would be better than "You wanna uniform?" Unless maybe "Describe me your best friend!" It was surprisingly hard to drop the level on both style of writing and number of words. I tried my best, and cut, and cut, but couldn't make it under 200. I hope I won't lose too much points of this!
Nevertheless, I'm happy it's over. Even though my teacher phoned to say tomorrow I have to show up for a lesson. So I better go study now. But have a songie ^^

From here
This is to celebrate my last high school exam. I discovered mash up and I loved it! Calmer than my usual music, so it's soothing me nerves, lol
Have a nice week ^^

събота, май 15, 2010

Stitched Puffle!

And not an ordinary one, but Canadian!!!

Canadian Puffle by ~DawnMLC on deviantART

The author of this masterpiece is DawnMLC. If you have a DA account and if you feel like it (and you should! Just look how awesome it is!) click on the links abovem and go comment, fave and all other things!!! :D
This is the first time someone has stitched a pattern I made, so I'm pretty excited! I just love how she personalized it. It's so original, and the leaf on the hat gives such a nice touch!Thank you so very much!!!

петък, май 14, 2010


Here's my Tusal jar after another month
Nothing too exciting about it. But while on the same shelf, I decided to took another photo:
Yay, the picture of my Shogun magazines is building up! I took similar photo about year ago. Other change is thar now this cat is keeping the books from falling

I'm awfully sleepy right now, so I don't feel luck saying much *yawn* Today was my first bac - of litterature. I couldn't sleep at all the night, and when I came back, it was way too warm so I couldn't have a good rest either. As for the exam itself, I think I did it rather well. I wasn't hoping for the theme that was chosen, but didn't mind it either. But we started working at 8.40 instead of 8.00 (it took them that much time to copy and give away all the stuff) and the waiting without knowing really killed me >.<
The second bac is on Monday. With this, the "end of high school" exams will be over and the only left will be the university exams in the beginning of July.

вторник, май 11, 2010

Quick and clumsy project

I bet everybody sometimes decides to execute an idea on a total whim! Well today I finally finished writing my biology themes. 65 of them, phew, now I have to go revising again and again and again...
Anyway after proudly putting the last words of them on the blcank sheet, I had the very sudden desire to execute this idea . I've found many interesting ideas on this russian blog; and I always loved how people turn old items into pin cushions - especially old tea cups. The most lovely pin cushion ever! But I saw this post some time ago, and I don't know how it came to me, lol!
Well my interpretation is not that good at all, but I'm glad since I tried some new things. I did it in a very short time, about half an hour or so. I used very old ribbon, god knows where it came from; and a very old too, ash tray in the form of duck made of lead, that I got from my father. I used it as a pin box, but it got crooked and couldn't close well.

Btw I never knew which way the legs should go
Grr, blurry photo
Again, it's more for the idea and the try. I always wanted to try making flowers with ribbons. Now I got how it's done :D But I have no comment for those.. leaves.. grrr terrible...

This was very fun project for me ^^ Btw now the fabrics help the upper part of the duck to stay on place - this minimizes the chance to lose it!
After finishing it, I tried my luck with a grammar and litterature test. 3 mistakes of 40... There's still chance for me, right? :/ The bac is on Friday, the day of the New Moon btw, so I'll post TUSAl if I come back alive and in my mind.
Now after I showed you the transformation of my lead duck ash tray, I think I'll go and watch Bertie Wooster's adventure with the silver cow creamer. I just love Jeeves and Wooster!

Oh wait!
I started my last bday card project. Tatty bear. The backstitching will be nightmare.

сряда, май 05, 2010

Unbirthday (image heavy post because I like what I see)

Second post today, but oh well. I just could not wait anymore to show the *unbirthday* presents I've been working on lately, even though I haven't sent them yet. But the person they are for doesn't visit the blog (at least I think so) so it's safe I hope! Anyway I can't wait, nyah!

Why unbirthday? Because if you're sending a present through the post services, there's very high chance for the present not to arrive in time. (With me it's 100% sure, since I lost all day making this card - which is weird, I know, or as sis says "Wicked!" - but I like it anyway. mmm, so I couldn't get to the post in time, and tomorrow and Friday are national holidays - Day of the army - so I won't be able to send it. Damn.... >.<) And Very Merry Unbirthday definitely sounds better than Happy Belated Birthday wishes or whatever. The unbirthday theme just goes along with Alice, there's no questioning that. I personally don't like the Disney movie. The book is better, and I have a great deal of quotes I love from there, but still is seriously creeping me out. One thing I like from the movie (apart from the Cheshire cat) is the Very Merry Unbirthday song. so you have this scene from the movie alond with various items form the scrapbooking kits I spoke about earlier. Btw these are 3 papers I arranged like this not one sheet, so you can blame me for the colour combo. Those kits were definitely meant more for digital srapbooking, and I can assure it was a pain cutting the letters. In the inside is the following little poem : Birthdays come but once a year (and some say that's enough)
because you're one year older and not as up to snuff.
But this is an unbirthday card for all the days in store
without adding a single year you get 364

Finally to show my beloves boxes! I'm still stuck with the pink, as you can see. First to say that the pink and white box didn't make it, because in the end there was no place in the box for it. maybe it's better like this, because even though the paper is from the same kit, the other two just feat one another and this stands out. I put the bracelets that were inside in the baggy.

It's stil deserves your attention :P I decided to keep in the paper stars I made (or rather the patethic attempts). I used the Disgaea star paper from Missy Tannenbaum that made the work much more enjoyable! Still making the stars in way harder that the origami boxes! The paper for the boxes I found on Ilovehandmade.ru

The other two. The bigger one has some chocos in
The smaller one - beads/charms

Btw as you see, those three boxes have different patterns (the pattern of the big one can't be seen right, damn, but it's a "wheel") the lighter pink is a "lightning" and the thirs is a "bow", but they're all made form the same units, connected in different ways. I can't wait to try the next serie of units to see what patterns will come out!
No high lighting the cube, you've already seen it. I wanted to send anime stickers, but couldn't find good ones - so let it be 2D bunnies. The thread is not DMC, but Ariadna. It's less common or so it seems, but I like it. And I thought it would be more interesting to send it than DMC or Anchor.

This little purse took me some time to make. Most of it I was wondering "I can do it... no i can't... it won't look good this way..." and so on. The actual work was 2 x Bleach + Disney Robin Hood + Kronk's New Groove. again, I'm happy with result, especially the seams. about two rows above the T is the "invisible seam" and I think I did it right! The little plushie Taurus was love from first sight, I bought it along with even cuter Cancer although I don't know any cancers. And I found just the perfect cross stitch pattern mathing the Taurus with the exact same coulurs , but really didn't have the time for it (or else it would be just in time for the next year birthday!). well maybe I'll really make it for next year!
The whole thing is a total colour way - killer regarding my pink & black theme btw.

And in the inside there is:
You've seen those already, except for the keychain. Yup, it's pink & black, and it's a flying pig. We all know pigs are meant to fly so we should get over it. Again this pig should have had a blue friend, because the original bracelet pattern had them both. Blame the lack of time
The paper clip is here to save the day (the colour way)! and having Mentos as a hair pin is just cool.

P.S. Thanks for the nice comments regarding the end of high school! I can't fully realize it yet, lol... I'll miss many things, that's for sure, but right now it's good to have a little more time to concentrate on the university exam studying. And it would be good if I actually use this time for that purpose >.<""""

Kttycat has a giveaway, some more links and omg I finished high school O.o

Now, let's take it one by one, shall we?
First of all, Kttycat has a giveaway on her blog for her 100th post, which includes a stunning bead angel, and a kool cat that's well, cool, and other awesome stuff! Well I'm not sure if there's use for me to announce it on my blog, sinceal most all of my followers follow her blog too, and I suspect that all of my 3 views per day are generously donated by them. But anyway, spreading the word is a good thing, so here we go!

Now, I plan to continue being Captain Obvious *evil grin ]:D * and tell another discovery (that you might be not interested in!) I recently got my hands on a How to make origami boxes book (and now I'm totally in love, will show some results iПодравняване в средатаn next post). Anyway I went searching the net for fancy papers to make my pretty boxes, in sites for scrapbooking and such. Previously, when I was searching for paper for my cards, I hardly found any good ones. It goes without saying, that I was looking for freebies.
Yup, I love freebies. Mention a freebie and you'll got me
FREEBIE! WHERE! (ignore the russian title)
And then my sister will gave me this look:
"You're so cheap"
Er... well, it's not like I'll join the Evil Forces if they come with a poster "Come to the dark side, we have freebies"
So where was I...
This time, I hit the jacpot with The Blog Train Blog that has over 100 designers making themed free scrapbooking kits every other month; and Lori's freebie list where freebies are gathered daily. Hitting the international srapbooking day also helped in my search I guess!
Now again, this info might be totally useless (or already well known) but, first, I got so excited when I found it that I wanted to share, and second, I got the sudden urge to post those owls.

And a final word - ohmigawd, I finished high school O.o I can't believe yet that there will be no more classes and I'll never ever enter that school as a student again. We'll go again on 12th to have the pernissions to go to the matura, the first exam is on 14th, second on 17th. Then the concert for our school leaving will be on 21st, and the prom on 24th... And university exams in the beginning of July...
Nyaah, it seems so weird... I can't believe I spent 5 years already - they passed so fast!...

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