вторник, май 25, 2010

Pink ball dress!!!

The prom was so awesome!!!
I loved my dress, and hair, and friends, and teachers, and even the music was good - it was various so I could dance too :D Lol, can I have one next year again? I guess not... It was raining all day but fortunately it stopped for the meeting at school at 7. Still couldn't make many good outside pictures but at least no hair/dress damage :D Instead we had to make mostly indoor shoots
My whole class was so pretty!!! Honest - I'm not partial - we were the prettiest class
I really had so much fun - too bad all people were gone at 2 am and the party was over - so early! Most of them went to disco, but knowing the discos in the resort we were - not suiting my music tastes. Too bad I didn't have someone to dance with, because the best songs are for dancing in couples. There were also nominations and games - and I have no idea why - a girl who juggled with plates and other thing, lol . Lots and lots of fun XD
The only thing that wasn't good were the hotel rooms - they were sooo cold brrr :( I'm a warm loving creature, but even the boys said later that it was just way too cold! I almost didn't sleep because of this, and now my nose is raining *shif*
That's why I came back home earlier today and had a nice, long and warm sleep.
But I still wanna have a ball again.
But right now I better go and have something for my throat

4 коментара:

Dawn каза...

It looked like you had lots of fun!!
You dress was very pretty too :)

Kttycat каза...

So pretty! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

tatie grenouille каза...

Ahahahahahah......... Ahahahahahahah....... You're so beautiful, You're princess...

Slavka; e-mail: sisimoni9@abv.bg каза...

Поздравления за роклята и за хубавата бална вечер!

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