сряда, май 26, 2010

Does luck have an expiration date?

Because I would like to keep the amazing luck I have these days for my exams in the beginning of July!
Not only I had an awesome prom, so much better than expected, but I also won the prize in the giveaway of Kttycat! Thank you so much!!! I hope you had a great birthday, and that you'll be healthy again soon! Thanks! *hug*

Mentioning the exams, I have to say that June and the first half of July won't be my craftiest months. I'll have to deny myself the pleasure of crafting for the sake of studying. Now that I made all the bday cards, I don't have an excuse (although I do want to make something for my teachers too, but!...) . I'll still be checking now and then.

In any case I promise that tomorrow I'll sit and do some real chemistry problems, and won't spend my time, reading about SnOT (which is just like SnOH, but with tritium)

and about
I can't imagine scientist doing these for real, but I guess they got bored sometimes too!
I won't be searching in youtube for stuff like this... (ah, those noble gases...)

Nor I'll be ....
"Ernie was a chemist,
now Ernie is no more.
For what he thought was H2O, was H2SO4."

But I can't promise I won't give a little of my time (just a little), to my favourite...

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