петък, май 14, 2010


Here's my Tusal jar after another month
Nothing too exciting about it. But while on the same shelf, I decided to took another photo:
Yay, the picture of my Shogun magazines is building up! I took similar photo about year ago. Other change is thar now this cat is keeping the books from falling

I'm awfully sleepy right now, so I don't feel luck saying much *yawn* Today was my first bac - of litterature. I couldn't sleep at all the night, and when I came back, it was way too warm so I couldn't have a good rest either. As for the exam itself, I think I did it rather well. I wasn't hoping for the theme that was chosen, but didn't mind it either. But we started working at 8.40 instead of 8.00 (it took them that much time to copy and give away all the stuff) and the waiting without knowing really killed me >.<
The second bac is on Monday. With this, the "end of high school" exams will be over and the only left will be the university exams in the beginning of July.

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