вторник, май 11, 2010

Quick and clumsy project

I bet everybody sometimes decides to execute an idea on a total whim! Well today I finally finished writing my biology themes. 65 of them, phew, now I have to go revising again and again and again...
Anyway after proudly putting the last words of them on the blcank sheet, I had the very sudden desire to execute this idea . I've found many interesting ideas on this russian blog; and I always loved how people turn old items into pin cushions - especially old tea cups. The most lovely pin cushion ever! But I saw this post some time ago, and I don't know how it came to me, lol!
Well my interpretation is not that good at all, but I'm glad since I tried some new things. I did it in a very short time, about half an hour or so. I used very old ribbon, god knows where it came from; and a very old too, ash tray in the form of duck made of lead, that I got from my father. I used it as a pin box, but it got crooked and couldn't close well.

Btw I never knew which way the legs should go
Grr, blurry photo
Again, it's more for the idea and the try. I always wanted to try making flowers with ribbons. Now I got how it's done :D But I have no comment for those.. leaves.. grrr terrible...

This was very fun project for me ^^ Btw now the fabrics help the upper part of the duck to stay on place - this minimizes the chance to lose it!
After finishing it, I tried my luck with a grammar and litterature test. 3 mistakes of 40... There's still chance for me, right? :/ The bac is on Friday, the day of the New Moon btw, so I'll post TUSAl if I come back alive and in my mind.
Now after I showed you the transformation of my lead duck ash tray, I think I'll go and watch Bertie Wooster's adventure with the silver cow creamer. I just love Jeeves and Wooster!

Oh wait!
I started my last bday card project. Tatty bear. The backstitching will be nightmare.

4 коментара:

Dawn каза...

That is one thing I never had the ability to do!! Maybe because it can be a slow process making the flowers. I might try it again one day!! :)
Cool Tatty too

Dawn каза...

oops I was talking about ribbon embroidery......

missy-tannenbaum каза...

That's a really cute project! I have a book on ribbon embroidery, but haven't done much with it yet. The pincushion idea is really neat, though.

Kttycat каза...

The pincushion idea is awesome! I've got a few things lying around here that I just might have to try that too! I've never tried ribbon things. It is very pretty!

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