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I have almost unhealthy obsession about making varios lists - especially if it's of the net. I have my anime list (on two sites), my manga lists (again on two sites - but not the same), my movie list on IMDB (thought I haven't updated it for a long time...), I'm keeping track on my music with last.fm. The only thing I didn't have up till now was a place to list all the books I read. Finally I found such place!
I saw Shelfari on this blog and shamelessly stole it. For now I added the books from the list I built last year, the Pratchett books and the few books I read this year. You can see the widget in the bottom of the blog - but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it show random books and not only the first ones I added.
If you happen to have an account there, or by some time decide to make yourself one - be sure to come and visit me ! - http://www.shelfari.com/topcho I would love to know your book taste (just like now i'm getting to know the music taste of some of you :D )At least on my profile page it is showing books randomly.

Also I want to thank my new follower for becoming one :) It's the awesome person who made the free paper I used for the Tatty card. I follow your blog now too. Thank you for this and for all the generously offered freebies!

And just for the stats - I made over 1000 pageviews on this blog, or rather - you make them for me, lol! Thanks! The counter was started on 27th of July 2009 (but I'm hiding it >:D ) I wonder how many I will pile up for one round year. Thankies again :)

To end this blog post, one rather stupuid question - am I the only one who feels incredibly awkward posting comments on other unknown people's blogs. I saw such awesome blog almost daily and have the urge to stop and say "WOW! All of your stuff is stunning!" but often give up. All of this is very very stupid, because I myself love having comments like this >.< It seems a little easier on DA!

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missy-tannenbaum каза...

Ah, I'm on this site, too! I forget my user name, though, so I have to wait until I get back to my home computer to add you. >< It's really fun, and it feels sort of like a sense of accomplishment to add a new book to the list.

Also, it does seem a little weird to comment sometimes! I never know what to say, especially since it's difficult to post replies. ^^; Still, it's fun once I do think of something. Congrats on 1000 page views, too!

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