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Tatty progress and omg I got smth kinda like a feature

First the Tatty progress :
Just let me say those flowers are hell to make. Other than this, it was very pleasent to stitch. I'm not using Aida, because this fabric (linen? no? i don't know) it's easier to work with especially with backstitching and stuff. And it's exactly the back stitch that is left. There were supposed to be white French knots for the flowers, but when I read "52 white french knots" I just went to get beads.
Photo is low quality, because I made it with a phone in rather dark room. But it's a miracle enough that I was able to connect it to the PC.

Second! Remember the lead duck I turned into a pin cushion not so long ago? And I showed you the blog I saw the idea from. Well I wrote a message saying thanks and all this kind of stuff ^^ And the she got me featured, wow! That was unexpected! Lol, so you know what that means? That the letter I wrote was understandable!!! You know, I haven't tried to write in Russian since I got in High School, and well my skills have gotten quite rusty!

Talking about high school, my second bac was today - French. Surprisingly it was worse than the Bulgarian and litterature one. The texts for comprehension (total of 5 - 3 listening& 2 reading) were quite easy, and the quality of sound for the oral was very good. Rather B1 or easier. The grammar was not so like it. They were emphasizing on stupid things. And I'll probably have mistakes on the gender of the words, and I hate myself for this. The writing part I didn't like neither. We were to write either a letter to our little pen friend or tell our opinion about the school uniforms. And this, in 160-170 words! O.o wtf? In 8th grade, it was 150 words. Now our usual limit in school is about 280-300, and damn it, the themes on the essays have a little more sense! My most favourite theme was Marchand de rêves (Dream seller), but well, everything would be better than "You wanna uniform?" Unless maybe "Describe me your best friend!" It was surprisingly hard to drop the level on both style of writing and number of words. I tried my best, and cut, and cut, but couldn't make it under 200. I hope I won't lose too much points of this!
Nevertheless, I'm happy it's over. Even though my teacher phoned to say tomorrow I have to show up for a lesson. So I better go study now. But have a songie ^^

From here
This is to celebrate my last high school exam. I discovered mash up and I loved it! Calmer than my usual music, so it's soothing me nerves, lol
Have a nice week ^^

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Dawn каза...

Tatty is looking cool!! :)
It will be done in no time!! :)
My son didn't like french too much either. It was easy for him-- just too boring I guess!! He loves German tho and plans to enjoy his second year of it next year!! :)

Kttycat каза...

I loved the mashed up! I took 13 years of French... went to France had a horrible time and pretty much forgot it all! So hope you did great on your test. :) Your tatty is looking great too! Can't wait to see the backstitch.

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