сряда, май 05, 2010

Unbirthday (image heavy post because I like what I see)

Second post today, but oh well. I just could not wait anymore to show the *unbirthday* presents I've been working on lately, even though I haven't sent them yet. But the person they are for doesn't visit the blog (at least I think so) so it's safe I hope! Anyway I can't wait, nyah!

Why unbirthday? Because if you're sending a present through the post services, there's very high chance for the present not to arrive in time. (With me it's 100% sure, since I lost all day making this card - which is weird, I know, or as sis says "Wicked!" - but I like it anyway. mmm, so I couldn't get to the post in time, and tomorrow and Friday are national holidays - Day of the army - so I won't be able to send it. Damn.... >.<) And Very Merry Unbirthday definitely sounds better than Happy Belated Birthday wishes or whatever. The unbirthday theme just goes along with Alice, there's no questioning that. I personally don't like the Disney movie. The book is better, and I have a great deal of quotes I love from there, but still is seriously creeping me out. One thing I like from the movie (apart from the Cheshire cat) is the Very Merry Unbirthday song. so you have this scene from the movie alond with various items form the scrapbooking kits I spoke about earlier. Btw these are 3 papers I arranged like this not one sheet, so you can blame me for the colour combo. Those kits were definitely meant more for digital srapbooking, and I can assure it was a pain cutting the letters. In the inside is the following little poem : Birthdays come but once a year (and some say that's enough)
because you're one year older and not as up to snuff.
But this is an unbirthday card for all the days in store
without adding a single year you get 364

Finally to show my beloves boxes! I'm still stuck with the pink, as you can see. First to say that the pink and white box didn't make it, because in the end there was no place in the box for it. maybe it's better like this, because even though the paper is from the same kit, the other two just feat one another and this stands out. I put the bracelets that were inside in the baggy.

It's stil deserves your attention :P I decided to keep in the paper stars I made (or rather the patethic attempts). I used the Disgaea star paper from Missy Tannenbaum that made the work much more enjoyable! Still making the stars in way harder that the origami boxes! The paper for the boxes I found on Ilovehandmade.ru

The other two. The bigger one has some chocos in
The smaller one - beads/charms

Btw as you see, those three boxes have different patterns (the pattern of the big one can't be seen right, damn, but it's a "wheel") the lighter pink is a "lightning" and the thirs is a "bow", but they're all made form the same units, connected in different ways. I can't wait to try the next serie of units to see what patterns will come out!
No high lighting the cube, you've already seen it. I wanted to send anime stickers, but couldn't find good ones - so let it be 2D bunnies. The thread is not DMC, but Ariadna. It's less common or so it seems, but I like it. And I thought it would be more interesting to send it than DMC or Anchor.

This little purse took me some time to make. Most of it I was wondering "I can do it... no i can't... it won't look good this way..." and so on. The actual work was 2 x Bleach + Disney Robin Hood + Kronk's New Groove. again, I'm happy with result, especially the seams. about two rows above the T is the "invisible seam" and I think I did it right! The little plushie Taurus was love from first sight, I bought it along with even cuter Cancer although I don't know any cancers. And I found just the perfect cross stitch pattern mathing the Taurus with the exact same coulurs , but really didn't have the time for it (or else it would be just in time for the next year birthday!). well maybe I'll really make it for next year!
The whole thing is a total colour way - killer regarding my pink & black theme btw.

And in the inside there is:
You've seen those already, except for the keychain. Yup, it's pink & black, and it's a flying pig. We all know pigs are meant to fly so we should get over it. Again this pig should have had a blue friend, because the original bracelet pattern had them both. Blame the lack of time
The paper clip is here to save the day (the colour way)! and having Mentos as a hair pin is just cool.

P.S. Thanks for the nice comments regarding the end of high school! I can't fully realize it yet, lol... I'll miss many things, that's for sure, but right now it's good to have a little more time to concentrate on the university exam studying. And it would be good if I actually use this time for that purpose >.<""""
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