сряда, май 05, 2010

Kttycat has a giveaway, some more links and omg I finished high school O.o

Now, let's take it one by one, shall we?
First of all, Kttycat has a giveaway on her blog for her 100th post, which includes a stunning bead angel, and a kool cat that's well, cool, and other awesome stuff! Well I'm not sure if there's use for me to announce it on my blog, sinceal most all of my followers follow her blog too, and I suspect that all of my 3 views per day are generously donated by them. But anyway, spreading the word is a good thing, so here we go!

Now, I plan to continue being Captain Obvious *evil grin ]:D * and tell another discovery (that you might be not interested in!) I recently got my hands on a How to make origami boxes book (and now I'm totally in love, will show some results iПодравняване в средатаn next post). Anyway I went searching the net for fancy papers to make my pretty boxes, in sites for scrapbooking and such. Previously, when I was searching for paper for my cards, I hardly found any good ones. It goes without saying, that I was looking for freebies.
Yup, I love freebies. Mention a freebie and you'll got me
FREEBIE! WHERE! (ignore the russian title)
And then my sister will gave me this look:
"You're so cheap"
Er... well, it's not like I'll join the Evil Forces if they come with a poster "Come to the dark side, we have freebies"
So where was I...
This time, I hit the jacpot with The Blog Train Blog that has over 100 designers making themed free scrapbooking kits every other month; and Lori's freebie list where freebies are gathered daily. Hitting the international srapbooking day also helped in my search I guess!
Now again, this info might be totally useless (or already well known) but, first, I got so excited when I found it that I wanted to share, and second, I got the sudden urge to post those owls.

And a final word - ohmigawd, I finished high school O.o I can't believe yet that there will be no more classes and I'll never ever enter that school as a student again. We'll go again on 12th to have the pernissions to go to the matura, the first exam is on 14th, second on 17th. Then the concert for our school leaving will be on 21st, and the prom on 24th... And university exams in the beginning of July...
Nyaah, it seems so weird... I can't believe I spent 5 years already - they passed so fast!...

2 коментара:

Kttycat каза...

Yay your done! It's such a wonderful feeling isn't it. But sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing the word even if we have the same followers. :p

missy-tannenbaum каза...

Congratulations on graduating high school, and good luck on your university exams, too! It's really nice to be done, but at the same time, sometimes it seems like instantly hopping to the next thing. ^^;

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