събота, май 22, 2010


Yesterday was our "pomotion" in school and this brought lot of emotions. Noone really told us what exactly we're supposed to do in school, so the whole batch of graduates was just walking where we were pointed to, counting to 12 and sreaming :) This part I'd remember mostly with the fact that I was randomly picked by a reprter who wanted me to translate some phrase (at least she said that I got the fastest reaction of all people she tried) and that the heel of my show got stuck between the stone plates exactly when walking pass the school flag, in front of all the other students of teh school, rested planted there and I had to run back with my foot bare to pick my shoe.
Apart from the promotion, one friend had a birth-day, and another classmate - name-day yesterday, so there was a lot of celebration. Out tutor teacher loved the gifts the class gave her, and announced that we are the best class ever. And she is, with absolutely no place for discussion, the best-est theacher ever, in the whole wide world!!!
Here's a curly, chubby and laced me with Mme Hristakeva
There was a school concert after, something we weren't expecting. It was obvious the performance was made in hurry, but we appreciated the effort of everyone who took part, so it was ok.
But the most emotional part was when only our class gathered together to go to restaurant. Everything was so personal and touching; everybody was having fun, but in the very same time we were really sad, and when Mme Hristakeva had to go, the emotion just burst out. I was expecting myslef to cry that much, but I couldn't help myslef after all the kind things she said and I was just standing there crying like total idiot. But actually everyone did so, all the girls, we were crying and hugging eachother. We will miss her incredibly much; she's not only a great professional as a teacher, but also one of the most strong, kind and awesome people I know, for those 5 years she was constantly looking after us and guiding us.

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