вторник, април 20, 2010

The magic of backstitch & Card evolution

We all know that it's the backstitch that makes the difference
In any case I guess the bunny is happier now, as it has fingers, mouth (who would like to have the Hallo Kitty fate?) , whiskers and an eyebrow. But it totally messed my pretty back.
Yesterday it struck me that the birthday was today! Da*n it! I'm totally losing my sence of time! and the backstitch wasn't even done yet. I had a biology lesson so I had to go. On my way back I went searching for a present - usually we gather money for biggerpresent but this time I didn't know if they're doing so - good thing I at least had some shops with ideas. The weather was pretty pecular - it was raining while I was on the street and stopped everytime I entered a shop.
when I got back I had to work on finishing the card. This time I definitelly wanted something different, so I stayed late trying different things. The scanner (of course) refused to scan the finished card - I suppose it doesn't like working after midnight. So I took pictures with camera right before going to school.
And ohh YUSH I'm getting better, isn't that right 8D

I decided to stick with the yellow flower theme. Here's the inside:
The bottom flowers are just holding the paper and there's a secret message behind! :D
After I figured out I could use double sided tape for the cards, life's been esier ^___^ The result is prettier cards! (I had to google the English term for double sided tape... and in wiki - > I mean... people are not really using it to prevent hammers from slipping or to secute strapless dresses, are they? O.o )
Paper patterns used for the card are from Cuddly Buddly
The flowers and another items are part of a 3d decoupage sheet and are from here

Light is no good at o6:30 at the mornings. At least there isn't anyone's breakfast in the backround (at least nothing too much... sigh...)

Yush, the heart is stuck of the bottom ^_____^ I wanted to make tag saying "Nothing can warm your heart like a cup of hot tea" or something like this, but really couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

4 коментара:

Emily каза...

That is an awesome card!! Great job!!

Kttycat каза...

Awww that would be a cute tag to go along with the cup. It all turned out really cute!

Dawn каза...

Very cute bunny!!
I'm totally loving that cup too!! :)

tatie grenouille каза...

Oh quelle jolie broderie!!!
Toute en tendresse!!!

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