вторник, юни 01, 2010

Matura/bac results are out

I'm still not sure how to properly call those exams in English, but I guess you're getting what it is about.
The maximum is 6.00
and I have 5.75 on Bulgarian language and litterature
and 5.89 on French
I thought the Bulgarin note would be higher, lol

The first ones are done with but the worst part is yet to come. It'll be much much harder XP
I gave myself today as a free day because 1st of June is Children Day yet I didn't get to have a baloon T___T

Also I was literally forced to make myself facebook account, because all of my classmates are mean and couldn't find time to send me photos from the prom. This site is total mess, at least it seems so to me now. I don't get how half of the things should be done, including how to get proper link to my profile. At least I got how to search with the email address. If someone dares to find me there too, my email is ninniv@abv.bg. Well you can use the email for other things too (like spying kukuku }:D)
In any case if I ever make myself farm there, feel free to shoot me, knife me, hit me with various object or use any way of violence that suits you.
For now I'll just go and steal some more photos, for this is the only reason I joined, and then will go to sleep, because the studying continues tomorrow.
bb and thake care :)

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Dawn каза...

Good job on the tests!!

My friends keep on sending me requests for that Farm game. I totally avoid it because I don't have hours and hours and hours to play the game!! But I do have hours to pull out threads because I miscounted somewhere!! LOL!!

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