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Wipocalypse August!

Ahh it's been some time since I last participated in this fun event, hosted by Measi! And maybe to help me catch up. August now has not one, but two full moons - so two wipocalypse dates

Btw, just in case you're interested , it's 2:43 am now that I'm writing this. I excuse myself to everyone who received a comment from me with a horrific spelling of the words gorgeous, hilarious and probably other words longer than five letters. But I would very much like Google Chrome to stop trying to change my spelling of colour. I know how to spell it, thank you very much. Where did the freedom and the personal choice go?

Anyway, back to the Wipocalypse. Let's brush the dust from my list:
First we have Spring in Japan, and for this post, this is the only project I can show you progress you haven't seen yet
I started the next page, because I forgot I haven't filled the yellow inside the flowers yet. The  orange fabric lines that go under fooled me.
Pages on this side of the picture are going to be more boring, with looots of blues and white. Nah, bore.
What else do we have on the list.. Nothing new when it comes to the two Haeds. Same goes for the Hogfather. I could have worked on him during the Jolly July. but I didn't want to carry that many colours on our trip.   One Sheep open Sleigh is going on nicely. In my mind I tend to count to the Wipocalypse every project higher than 15 cm, so I can say that my two beaded project, Fairy and Castle are doing fine too.
Btw I'm stitching something mystery right now (tease tease) but I'm pretty sure it's not more than 15 cm, so not in the list.
This weekend I didn't get to stitch much, because I finally went to the beach - two times now, I'm already tanning :D and because yesterday I was on 5 hours long cardmaking worshop - that was AWESOME, wait for a few card posts tomorrow, and today you can say I worked hard on the August Themealicious, as I spent a bug part of the day to put thing in order. All DMC threads on bobbins and neatly in the boxes.
I also started making a grand revision of the books I have to see if we have duplicates (many) and other books I could let go. The result was mostly finding things I 've forgotten I wanted to read.

Still, 413 pages up to the Redathon. This makes... around 700 I think (too lazy to check how many I read last time)
That's all for now folks! Have a nice start of the weekend tomorrow!

Доста време мина, откакто последно участвах в Уипокалипсиса, хостван от Мейзи. Затова пък, сигурно за да ми помогне да се реванширам, през август има не една, а две пълни луни - т.е. две дати за Уипокалипс!
За да направя преглед как вървят нещата, трябва първо да поизтупам прахта от списъка със Уипокалипс задачи, защото някои от тях не са пипани с месеци. Такъв е случаят да речем с двата Хаеда, и с портрета на Дядо Прас. Върху Дядо Прас можех да поработя през Jolly July , тъй като той се вписва в коледната тематика, но не ми се рискуваше да нося толкова много конци на екскурзията. За негова сметка напредна истинско-коледният проект - Шейната с овцата, на което станахте свидетели в предните постове. Всъщност от оригиналния списък, единственият проект, на който мога да покажа напредък, който още не сте виждали, е Японската пролет - та.дам! Започнах новата страница, защото забравих,че не съм довършила предната - жълтичкото вътре в цветята. Измамиха ме оранжевите линии на плата, които минават отдолу.
А тъй като в ума ми всеки проект, по-висок от 15 см директно попада в Уипокалипс списъка, мога да броя там и двете мънистени - феята и замъка. Хм, като ги замисля така, не изглежда толкова зле за един месец! :D
Всъщност, имам и един таааен проект, но той е по-малък от 15 см, така че не влиза в списъка.

Този уикенд не ми остана много време за шиене, но затова пък го запълних с други неща - най-накрая първите бани -крайно време беше! Ще рече човек, че не живея на 15 минути от плажа :) В събота вечерта участвах и в една страхотна работилничка за картички, направена от Хобисима в Бургас , така че в следващите няколко поста ще има много картичкови неща! :D

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demeter83 каза...

Envy envy! Looking absolutely gorgeous

♥ Nia каза...

Ohhhh I go crazy with my ipad! I can't turn off the spelling checking and it turns everything to a 'similar' word in portuguese.. when I'm writting in english! LOL after some time commenting on blogs, my ipad has learn some new words, it's learning english, that's good :) ehheheeh But.. it's also 'learning' those captcha words that we have to insert, you know? Words that are not words!! ahahhaha It's crazy :p

Beautiful colors on your stitching! Looks amazing :D

I've posted my little gift for you, I hope it will arrive soon and make you smile!! :D

Mangogirl каза...

Gorgeous stitching

Joysze каза...

Mmm... she looks beautiful. :D

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