неделя, август 19, 2012

Lots of photos, and not even one of something stitched

Up to the first photo, the one of the soper cute surprize Nia sent me! Even if I wasn't the winner of her giveaway! How awsome is that? I will tell you exactly how awesome - as awesome as a giraffe!
Isn'r he the cutest?!? I'll call him Amadeus. Thank you so much sweet Nia!
Next to Amadeus you're seeing my Tusal jar. Not that much from last time, apart from some frogging fluff that is not entirely visible, because beading doesn't take much tread, hence not much to put in the jar.
Бързам с първата снимка - защото на нея е подаръчето, което сладката Nia ми изпрати, въпреки че не спечелих от нейното кенди! Е, не е ли страхотен жирафът ми?! Реших да го кръстя Амадеус. А до него виждате месечния Тусал - не изглежда много напълнен, защото мънистенето не взема много конец. Малко огризки от това, и доста пухчета от разпорване, които обаче не се виждат много.

Today we went with mom to see an exhibition of Tracian golden and silver treasures. I think they're a pretty fancy, especially given how many centuries before Christ they were made, and really, really shiny. They've also made the room to ressemble a tomb.  I took some very unprofessional photos:

С майка днес ходихме да видим изложбата на тракийските съкровища

По пътя видяхме този плакат, който доста я стресира, Фестивал на вирусната креативност:
And now for the daily WTF, a poster we saw on our way. Mom didn't quite like putting viruses and creativity together.

4 коментара:

mdgtjulie каза...

LOL at viral creativity. That's too funny. My mom would have NO clue what that means, lol. And I love your giraffe. He's darling. Plus you have TUSAL. Glad to see your little jar.

rosey175 каза...

I think I could use one of those fancypants bowls for a TUSAL container!

I would love to see creativity go viral. Maybe facebook would be filled with less drama (and then the world would end) and more shiny, sparkly things!

Anne каза...

Yay! You got your little giraffe too! I named my Georgie and he's got a red scarf on. She is the sweetest! Loooove those photos of Thracian artifacts!

♥ Nia каза...

Ohhh It's so fun to know you have named your little giraffe! And Anne did it too :D how cute!
I'm really glad you like it and happy to send you a smile!!
Hugs!! :)

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