събота, януари 30, 2010

Cause I man's gotta do what I man's gotta do...

Sometimes we all have to do things we don't like...

Like sewing... Cause when I say  "all things hand made" I mean it - it's all me, the needle and a first aid kit... no sewing machine invited to the party.

But finally:

Of course I won't be myself if I don't *screw* the finishing - I forgot to cut the excess of fabric and zipper and it's pretty obviously with those  edges...  I have to iron it, hope they'll look better after.

Well, could be worse.

Let's go back to the first sentence - sometimes puffles have to go to party and listen all evening to music not to their taste. Those puffles here have been heavily GACKTed (and lightly Vidolled) during their sewing period and now they're rebelling, that to say they're requesting songs:

The-so-not-interested puff - Shania Twain - That don't impress me much

Don't-mess-with-me-I'm-so-yandere puff - Weird Al Yankovich Trigger Happy

I-may-be-purple-but-I-see-the-world-in-pink puff - Frou Frou - Holding out for a hero (Where have all the goof puffs gone?!?)

Psycho Puffle - Robbie Williams - Difficult for Weirdos 

I don't get what's wrong with Gackt. And now

Sean Morey - The Man Song

"Cause a man gotta do what a man gotta do... and I'm gonna do what you told me to..."

I guess only the female puffs are gonna be happy with the dj choice.

четвъртък, януари 28, 2010

THANKIES! + smth that's not fun....

Yey, you seem to like the cat, thankies for the comments, they made me really happy ^____^

And I'd like to thank a new follower, Kim - I wanted to do it more personally and visit her place , but lately the follower widget doesn't work for me, I can't put it on the blog. I can see it on the home panel, but nothing's happening when I click the icon ;( However - thanks! I'm so glad that you found my blog worth following!

Second - thanks to Kttycat, now I'm helplessly addicted to the SODA designs. I just have to try one! But I don't have the time for bigger project... so.. when I saw in Chcross (international chinese cross stitch forum) a thread saying: "Hey, I'm going to stitch this lil SODA design, someone wants to do it with me?" I was like "Hell YESS I DO". I don't know if I can call this SAL, but whatever. I'll be doing this for a present again - no time to stitch for myself! 

This is it! I want to make the cube in the bottom. I'd like it to be small enough so it can be used like a key chain. In order to do that, I'll probably have to stitch on 22 (nooo). But the real problem is... Cubes has 6 sides... that means I'll have to leave some squares out!!! T____T

And one very last thing... it's not related to craft in any way, but got me quite mad today.. I don't know if someone visits MyAnimeList, and how often. But since the beginning of the year, the made a lot of changes. First I thought it's just the skin (now it's uglier). But today I wanted to update my manga list with the chapters from the manga issue I buy monthly, I realized they're gone.

According to the new MAL rules, from what I got, only manga serialized in English will be listed on the site. So if the manga is originally posted in French, Portuguese, or whatever other language, and is not officially translated in English (scanlation groups doesn't  count), now it's gone. (I assume that manga in Japanese that's not translated won't be deleted, because this will be ridiculous by far O.o) If the manga is published originally in English, it stays.

They say that English speakers are their prime target and all the additional manga is a burden. I don't get it and I really think it's unfair. Great number of the users there aren't native English speakers, they just use the site features while reading in other languages too. Like I do. Mods say they won't change things just because of small group of people is unhappy. But I just don't see how exactly this made the other users "happy".  In the end, from the forum threads I read, they closed the topic with "you can keep track of that manga on a side list. Now happy holidays, topic closed." Well yeah, I can make anime and manga lists in Excel, but that's hardly the point.

MAL has always helped me to find new manga. The manga I lost now is BB Project, Omega Complex, Vairocana, All in, Pen Dragon, Kairi, Shin. Maybe there are more, but I haven't spotted them yet. Some of these series are really cool, especially the first ones, but they are serialized in the French Shogun magazine, that is translated in different languages, including Bulgarian (actually it's the only manga magazine here) but not English, so BYE BYE DEARS. With this, the club of the magazine lost all of his entries. Thanks to the club, many English speakers found out and got interested in these manga series, the interest raised and a scan translation of BB Project has even started -> One Manga But as said before, this doesn't count.

Sorry for the long babling but when I found out, first I was really pissed, now I'm just sad. I'm not getting the logic. Yeah, maybe you haven't heard of these titles, but there are OEL that are even less popular... Now I guess the only thing left to do for me is to try to recover my pass word for mangaupdates... or just start Excel. How fun.

сряда, януари 27, 2010

Let's Shave it!

.... said the Puffle...

I did the backstitching today. It wasn't as much fun as the rest, but still managed it. I think... I'm happy withe result. This is my first heavily backstitched piece after all. 

And I forgot to say, I made some changes in the colours - in the pattern it was very light grey where I stitched white (I didn't like how it looked with the grey and replaced it with a creamy white). And the colour for the backstitch looked too red to me, so I used more brown one. I like it better like this.

вторник, януари 26, 2010

New WIP + unofficial TUSAL photo

I don't feel like sewing lately, so I keep dragging on the Puffle party project. Zippers and I don't like each other, but I hope we'll overcome this somehow, and on Friday I should really sit and finish this.


I started a new Bday card stitching - this time it was very easy to chose the pattern because the recipient is an avid cat lover, so choosing a cat was obvious. The design is from Heritage, one of 6 cats. Apart from 1)being cat 2)being cute 3) being fat car, I chose it because it has lot of weird crosses (3/4 and I don't know the name of the others) and backstitching too, but yet it's small, so I thought it'd be a good exercise before stitching my dream Tatty teddy.

It's told to be stitched with on aida 14. Instead, I went for linen 22 and stitched over 2, because I thought that this way the "weird stitches" will be much more easier - and I was right. They were a real pleasure to stitch. My only mistake was to start exactly with the colour that's the same as the linen, but oh well, I'm stupid

WIth only the backstitching left:

With a face:

I still have some backstiched fur left, but DAMN I LOVE IT!!!

Now for the TUSAL photos. As they're unofficial, I'm putting them in the same blog entry, I just wanted to have a photo for January too, even though I didn't make it for the full moon. The first official one will be on 14th with the others (because I want to see how the other people make it to be sure to make it right ) But I'm posting the link

Anyway, this is the transparent container I'm using:

I don't have a jar a smth, actually I had to chase away my anime cards in order to use this box. They're rather homeless now T__T But this can't be helped. The mushroom is still going to be there though, I really don't know where else to put it! But I really should search for smth else...


So this is it for now - you can spot the leftovers form the last puffle, as well as those from the cat, and the floss labels from it. The only interesting thing is the sheep charm, but I'll save the story for later :P

Btw, I didn't really get it, when the right time comes and we post the *official* progress, do we have to report it somewhere on the Dragon my needle blog, or will she visit to check if we did so (and if not, to beat with wet noodles, LOl! ) :D Which was it? 

P.S. The last page of the last chapter of Naruto is just too good to be true... *sigh* MySpace

вторник, януари 19, 2010

He's so not impressed

This is the forth and last one!

Now what's left is the washing and sewing....

And also to gather the leftovers and take the first photo for the TUSAL :D

неделя, януари 17, 2010

So ashamed of myself!


In the end of the week I got my package from my pen friend in Romania. It traveled quite long - and the reason for it was, as I told you, that it was too filled with goods!

Way more than I could have imagined! 

I had this bad feeling from the moment I got the note from the post. And when I went to get it, I was OMG IT"S SO BIG!!!

Just look how much stuff! And I sent particularly nothing!

MySpace MySpace  MySpace MySpace MySpace

...and there are even more onions to show my shame and guilt...

Black and variegate thread, chocos and Kakashi and Yondaime stickers + THOSE AMAZING BRACELETS

It was foggy all day so the photos aren't the best and you can't truly see the awesome colour ways. And the way of finishing is amazing as well, I can't make those loops right and have to put claps 

And everything  is just so stunning, I LOVE IT and I can't help the huge grin on my face and in the same time


that I would gladly go digging my grave, but first I need to revenge repay myself so I can RIP

She also asked for a photo of me wearing the bracelets. As I can't make photos of myself I got the Puffle taking them for me. The best one turned the pose "Waiting for the director to tell me how to pose" (and the one fighting the purple snake). I thought I'd share this one after I showed you hers

Though no close range of me for the sake of your eyes.


събота, януари 16, 2010

TUSAL - a perfect excuse

Thanks to Dawn  and Kittycat I found out about this very original SAL hosted by Yoyo on the blog Dragon my needle.

During this SAL the participants have to keep their scraps from threads and:

"Every time you are stitching throughout the coming year you agree to put all your "stitching throw aways" in this container. This may include but is not limited to:

regular Orts (thread ends)
little snips of fabric
broken buttons you were going to use on that little Lizzy Kate flip it
a bead or two from your Mirabilia design
worn out needles
the labels from used up floss skeins
whatever you like, as long as it is, or rather, was (LOL) going to be part of a stitching project currently underway.
you may include orts from any type of stitching project: cross stitch, knitting, crochet, whatever, but please do not include other craft leftovers such as paper crafts, rubber stamping, etc."

Lol this quote is for me mainly not to forget what to collect!

Those who want to take part can do so here!

Anyway I keep my little scraps and this Totally Useless SAL is the perfect excuse to continue doing so after I used up all my "savings" for making a bookmark. I'll put all this stuff away for an year and in the end of 2010 there will probably be a big bookmark stitching again, lol! Cause I definitely want to make more "I'm so cheap" ones. (btw it really amazed me how many half stitches you can make on linen 22 with just a few cms, lol!)

I even chose the "clear", in my case, box. But I'll have to find a new place to store my anime cards!

My last puffle is almost done and when I finish it I'll put all the puffle scraps from this year and take a photo!

вторник, януари 12, 2010

Third done, one more to go

Like the title says:

Wow, on the photo looks even brighter... Did the "lineart" on Friday, almost all the colour on Saturday after chemistry, only the yellow was left. And I didn't have the time to finish stitching it till today. 

Today I failed at my maths paper, which is not good, but with or without this fact, I had the evening free.  So I finished the puffle and tried killing the bad humour with "Night watch". Rereading the book that is so much better than the movie.  I really like the ideas in the book, when I read it for first time it was "Wow, better than the Matrix!" I don't like when the characters are just "black" and "white" and despite the titles, taglines and such, this was not the next battle good vs evil ]:) The movie kinda killed this.It's not bad and I wish I had the time to watch it again (if with subs will be great) just for some cool battle scenes

I like how all the charas look so ordinary .

But their biggest mistake was adding 

Yeah, let's make the kid son of the main character >.<>

However, I hear the third movie is coming out 2010. That would be nice, the third book is one of my favourites. Actually I like all the FOUR (cause it's not "an epic horror trilogy >.< ) except the second, Day Watch.

сряда, януари 06, 2010




I'm so happy!!!
Today I received some pics
MySpace MySpace

And ain't my pen-pal pretty!!! Thank you for letting me post this picture here!
Here a home made photo Puffle took while I was running wild and preparing the card and the letter:
I do agree that my chemistry notebook is nice background :D

I have to say I can't wait to see what she made meMySpace  But I bet the packet is so very heavy, because she sent me not 1, not 2, but 3 bracelets! And I found this out just when I noticed a suspicious use of plural in one of her pms MySpace  Shock and shame! MySpace Nyaah I'm such a slow worker... but she still says she likes the one I made, and it fits her wrist, so I'm HAPPY! ^_______^ Those exchanges sure give so many nice emotions! I'll definitely make one again... when I pass my bacs and university exams....

And btw another reasons to be happy - Bya taichou is innocent and so awesome! Byakuya close battle action - clash!  and then Senbonzakura being oh so cute helping his master. And I feel sorry for Muramasa with Kouga doing MySpace  to him! Close view of Rukia and Byakuya looking at eachother! Chire Senbonzakura! Bya with wingssss and omg is that halo? CLASH!... end of the episode damn it...
After I ruined the pretty post with random icon use and anime commenting, just let me..
! my bad - forgot to give credit for the pattern - from here !

неделя, януари 03, 2010

My brain's so dumb... >.>>>


Day after day I'm getting dumber.. MySpace  Yesterday I was right in the middle of doing chemistry magic on paper (that would say I was writing about blowing things) when in one of the problems I ended up with  2x = 8 . Nothing challenging! For normal people.

For the likes of me... I decided I have no other choice but to use a logarithm log28 My memories of logarithms that we studied last year weren't very clear so I just went with what I was sure was right  log2(2.2.2) At this point every one can see that the freaking answer is 3!But oooh no MySpace not ME as I said..

log22   + log22+ log22 = 1+1+1 = 3...

Ain't I smart...MySpace

And with a brain like this I have to do to school tomorrow..  

I'm a zombie now

"Oh lookie it's a ball of yarn. It's so funny"

NIEVAH mess with yarn!

"I zombie now"

"I too"

Topcho - I three! 

Oh, shiiii not to good to be zombie!

Art from PsychoPuffle

And actually it's the yarn that represents me. Btw that's coolMySpace Nievah mess with yarn... even if it's dumb!

On the brighter side, avatar change!

Well, that couldn't be avoid since my puffle sis draw me such a cute avatar for DA with my Vamp Tales OC Nicola. To be honest, I was planning to change avatars for my DA birthday. But with her absolutely-no-menacing comment "Well, who knows if you're going to have a DA birthday" I decided that starting the year with new ones isn't such a bad idea.

But as I love my "Stealth I is hiding" avatar too, I decided to say goodbye to the dancing piggy and let the cat in the top left corner of my blog. Another minor change is that from now the name I'm signing the posts with is Topcho, because the previous was bringing some misunderstanding.  Pas d'action is my nick from the bracelet forum, and Topcho is my DA, anime, and all other site name, so it's the one that's left.

But I may pretend to be stealth, and I am indeed in most cases, but NOTHING CAN ESCAPE THE EYE OF THE PUFFLE, and so, my secret present was revealed. Btw it's still not finished and I'm really ashamed of myself. So now let's post some photos that most people have already seen, but I'm still trying to keep the face of this blog as a crafty one


And something newer:


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