неделя, януари 17, 2010

So ashamed of myself!


In the end of the week I got my package from my pen friend in Romania. It traveled quite long - and the reason for it was, as I told you, that it was too filled with goods!

Way more than I could have imagined! 

I had this bad feeling from the moment I got the note from the post. And when I went to get it, I was OMG IT"S SO BIG!!!

Just look how much stuff! And I sent particularly nothing!

MySpace MySpace  MySpace MySpace MySpace

...and there are even more onions to show my shame and guilt...

Black and variegate thread, chocos and Kakashi and Yondaime stickers + THOSE AMAZING BRACELETS

It was foggy all day so the photos aren't the best and you can't truly see the awesome colour ways. And the way of finishing is amazing as well, I can't make those loops right and have to put claps 

And everything  is just so stunning, I LOVE IT and I can't help the huge grin on my face and in the same time


that I would gladly go digging my grave, but first I need to revenge repay myself so I can RIP

She also asked for a photo of me wearing the bracelets. As I can't make photos of myself I got the Puffle taking them for me. The best one turned the pose "Waiting for the director to tell me how to pose" (and the one fighting the purple snake). I thought I'd share this one after I showed you hers

Though no close range of me for the sake of your eyes.


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