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TUSAL - a perfect excuse

Thanks to Dawn  and Kittycat I found out about this very original SAL hosted by Yoyo on the blog Dragon my needle.

During this SAL the participants have to keep their scraps from threads and:

"Every time you are stitching throughout the coming year you agree to put all your "stitching throw aways" in this container. This may include but is not limited to:

regular Orts (thread ends)
little snips of fabric
broken buttons you were going to use on that little Lizzy Kate flip it
a bead or two from your Mirabilia design
worn out needles
the labels from used up floss skeins
whatever you like, as long as it is, or rather, was (LOL) going to be part of a stitching project currently underway.
you may include orts from any type of stitching project: cross stitch, knitting, crochet, whatever, but please do not include other craft leftovers such as paper crafts, rubber stamping, etc."

Lol this quote is for me mainly not to forget what to collect!

Those who want to take part can do so here!

Anyway I keep my little scraps and this Totally Useless SAL is the perfect excuse to continue doing so after I used up all my "savings" for making a bookmark. I'll put all this stuff away for an year and in the end of 2010 there will probably be a big bookmark stitching again, lol! Cause I definitely want to make more "I'm so cheap" ones. (btw it really amazed me how many half stitches you can make on linen 22 with just a few cms, lol!)

I even chose the "clear", in my case, box. But I'll have to find a new place to store my anime cards!

My last puffle is almost done and when I finish it I'll put all the puffle scraps from this year and take a photo!

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Yoyo каза...

Hello Topcho. Just popping in to WELCOME you to the Totally Useless SAL, we love new members. When you get a chance please pop over to my blog and let us know what town you live in, I'm sort of keeping a map of where everybody is just for fun, and I especially like to pinpoint the 'not in the US' members to something closer than a whole country. I'll get you added to the Member list soon, I'm a little behind with that. Looking forward to learning more about you....although, I already love your sense of humor and frugality with that crazy "leftover" bookmark. Hugs, Yoyo

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