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New WIP + unofficial TUSAL photo

I don't feel like sewing lately, so I keep dragging on the Puffle party project. Zippers and I don't like each other, but I hope we'll overcome this somehow, and on Friday I should really sit and finish this.


I started a new Bday card stitching - this time it was very easy to chose the pattern because the recipient is an avid cat lover, so choosing a cat was obvious. The design is from Heritage, one of 6 cats. Apart from 1)being cat 2)being cute 3) being fat car, I chose it because it has lot of weird crosses (3/4 and I don't know the name of the others) and backstitching too, but yet it's small, so I thought it'd be a good exercise before stitching my dream Tatty teddy.

It's told to be stitched with on aida 14. Instead, I went for linen 22 and stitched over 2, because I thought that this way the "weird stitches" will be much more easier - and I was right. They were a real pleasure to stitch. My only mistake was to start exactly with the colour that's the same as the linen, but oh well, I'm stupid

WIth only the backstitching left:

With a face:

I still have some backstiched fur left, but DAMN I LOVE IT!!!

Now for the TUSAL photos. As they're unofficial, I'm putting them in the same blog entry, I just wanted to have a photo for January too, even though I didn't make it for the full moon. The first official one will be on 14th with the others (because I want to see how the other people make it to be sure to make it right ) But I'm posting the link

Anyway, this is the transparent container I'm using:

I don't have a jar a smth, actually I had to chase away my anime cards in order to use this box. They're rather homeless now T__T But this can't be helped. The mushroom is still going to be there though, I really don't know where else to put it! But I really should search for smth else...


So this is it for now - you can spot the leftovers form the last puffle, as well as those from the cat, and the floss labels from it. The only interesting thing is the sheep charm, but I'll save the story for later :P

Btw, I didn't really get it, when the right time comes and we post the *official* progress, do we have to report it somewhere on the Dragon my needle blog, or will she visit to check if we did so (and if not, to beat with wet noodles, LOl! ) :D Which was it? 

P.S. The last page of the last chapter of Naruto is just too good to be true... *sigh* MySpace

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Dawn каза...

You do your TUSAL on every new moon -- just check your calender -- its on Feb 14

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