вторник, януари 12, 2010

Third done, one more to go

Like the title says:

Wow, on the photo looks even brighter... Did the "lineart" on Friday, almost all the colour on Saturday after chemistry, only the yellow was left. And I didn't have the time to finish stitching it till today. 

Today I failed at my maths paper, which is not good, but with or without this fact, I had the evening free.  So I finished the puffle and tried killing the bad humour with "Night watch". Rereading the book that is so much better than the movie.  I really like the ideas in the book, when I read it for first time it was "Wow, better than the Matrix!" I don't like when the characters are just "black" and "white" and despite the titles, taglines and such, this was not the next battle good vs evil ]:) The movie kinda killed this.It's not bad and I wish I had the time to watch it again (if with subs will be great) just for some cool battle scenes

I like how all the charas look so ordinary .

But their biggest mistake was adding 

Yeah, let's make the kid son of the main character >.<>

However, I hear the third movie is coming out 2010. That would be nice, the third book is one of my favourites. Actually I like all the FOUR (cause it's not "an epic horror trilogy >.< ) except the second, Day Watch.

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