четвъртък, януари 28, 2010

THANKIES! + smth that's not fun....

Yey, you seem to like the cat, thankies for the comments, they made me really happy ^____^

And I'd like to thank a new follower, Kim - I wanted to do it more personally and visit her place , but lately the follower widget doesn't work for me, I can't put it on the blog. I can see it on the home panel, but nothing's happening when I click the icon ;( However - thanks! I'm so glad that you found my blog worth following!

Second - thanks to Kttycat, now I'm helplessly addicted to the SODA designs. I just have to try one! But I don't have the time for bigger project... so.. when I saw in Chcross (international chinese cross stitch forum) a thread saying: "Hey, I'm going to stitch this lil SODA design, someone wants to do it with me?" I was like "Hell YESS I DO". I don't know if I can call this SAL, but whatever. I'll be doing this for a present again - no time to stitch for myself! 

This is it! I want to make the cube in the bottom. I'd like it to be small enough so it can be used like a key chain. In order to do that, I'll probably have to stitch on 22 (nooo). But the real problem is... Cubes has 6 sides... that means I'll have to leave some squares out!!! T____T

And one very last thing... it's not related to craft in any way, but got me quite mad today.. I don't know if someone visits MyAnimeList, and how often. But since the beginning of the year, the made a lot of changes. First I thought it's just the skin (now it's uglier). But today I wanted to update my manga list with the chapters from the manga issue I buy monthly, I realized they're gone.

According to the new MAL rules, from what I got, only manga serialized in English will be listed on the site. So if the manga is originally posted in French, Portuguese, or whatever other language, and is not officially translated in English (scanlation groups doesn't  count), now it's gone. (I assume that manga in Japanese that's not translated won't be deleted, because this will be ridiculous by far O.o) If the manga is published originally in English, it stays.

They say that English speakers are their prime target and all the additional manga is a burden. I don't get it and I really think it's unfair. Great number of the users there aren't native English speakers, they just use the site features while reading in other languages too. Like I do. Mods say they won't change things just because of small group of people is unhappy. But I just don't see how exactly this made the other users "happy".  In the end, from the forum threads I read, they closed the topic with "you can keep track of that manga on a side list. Now happy holidays, topic closed." Well yeah, I can make anime and manga lists in Excel, but that's hardly the point.

MAL has always helped me to find new manga. The manga I lost now is BB Project, Omega Complex, Vairocana, All in, Pen Dragon, Kairi, Shin. Maybe there are more, but I haven't spotted them yet. Some of these series are really cool, especially the first ones, but they are serialized in the French Shogun magazine, that is translated in different languages, including Bulgarian (actually it's the only manga magazine here) but not English, so BYE BYE DEARS. With this, the club of the magazine lost all of his entries. Thanks to the club, many English speakers found out and got interested in these manga series, the interest raised and a scan translation of BB Project has even started -> One Manga But as said before, this doesn't count.

Sorry for the long babling but when I found out, first I was really pissed, now I'm just sad. I'm not getting the logic. Yeah, maybe you haven't heard of these titles, but there are OEL that are even less popular... Now I guess the only thing left to do for me is to try to recover my pass word for mangaupdates... or just start Excel. How fun.

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stitchinfiend каза...

I have never seen the soda designs before and boy are they cute. I love the little cube you are going to do - icream one is delicious.

Kttycat каза...

Wow thats kinda dumb about the manga. Anything to make it less work for people right? I'm glad you've fallen in love with the Soda patterns they are just way too adorable and honestly the big ones you fly through. Mine only took me a few hours to complete! But the one you are doing is adorable also!!! Have you checked out their actual website they have pictures of all their patterns. I like the teenager looking ones (like the one I stitched) but they have some adorable toddler looking ones too! And animal sets too! Good luck on your Soda mini!!! Can't wait to see pictures.

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