неделя, януари 03, 2010

My brain's so dumb... >.>>>


Day after day I'm getting dumber.. MySpace  Yesterday I was right in the middle of doing chemistry magic on paper (that would say I was writing about blowing things) when in one of the problems I ended up with  2x = 8 . Nothing challenging! For normal people.

For the likes of me... I decided I have no other choice but to use a logarithm log28 My memories of logarithms that we studied last year weren't very clear so I just went with what I was sure was right  log2(2.2.2) At this point every one can see that the freaking answer is 3!But oooh no MySpace not ME as I said..

log22   + log22+ log22 = 1+1+1 = 3...

Ain't I smart...MySpace

And with a brain like this I have to do to school tomorrow..  

I'm a zombie now

"Oh lookie it's a ball of yarn. It's so funny"

NIEVAH mess with yarn!

"I zombie now"

"I too"

Topcho - I three! 

Oh, shiiii not to good to be zombie!

Art from PsychoPuffle

And actually it's the yarn that represents me. Btw that's coolMySpace Nievah mess with yarn... even if it's dumb!

On the brighter side, avatar change!

Well, that couldn't be avoid since my puffle sis draw me such a cute avatar for DA with my Vamp Tales OC Nicola. To be honest, I was planning to change avatars for my DA birthday. But with her absolutely-no-menacing comment "Well, who knows if you're going to have a DA birthday" I decided that starting the year with new ones isn't such a bad idea.

But as I love my "Stealth I is hiding" avatar too, I decided to say goodbye to the dancing piggy and let the cat in the top left corner of my blog. Another minor change is that from now the name I'm signing the posts with is Topcho, because the previous was bringing some misunderstanding.  Pas d'action is my nick from the bracelet forum, and Topcho is my DA, anime, and all other site name, so it's the one that's left.

But I may pretend to be stealth, and I am indeed in most cases, but NOTHING CAN ESCAPE THE EYE OF THE PUFFLE, and so, my secret present was revealed. Btw it's still not finished and I'm really ashamed of myself. So now let's post some photos that most people have already seen, but I'm still trying to keep the face of this blog as a crafty one


And something newer:


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Dawn каза...

I don't think there will be school tomorrow here. Having a HUGE snow storm! Alot of the roads are closed!!

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