четвъртък, декември 31, 2009

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So this time for real - Happy New Year!
I wish you the best of all - let this year be peaceful, or eventful, just the way you want it, and may all your plans and wishes come true. 

I didn't wish you this in the previous post not only because I needed to find cute new year glitter, but also because I wanted to show you my last work for the year: 
My "I'm so cheap" bookmark.
The book, by the way is P.G.Wodehouse's Laughing Gas. He's another one of my favourite authors :D
The bookmark is made of the leftovers that normal people would have thrown away, but not me! ^////^
There will be more....
Happy New Year

I have lot's of plans and hopes for the 2010, one of them is stitching one of those cute teddies

Have a good night and awesome year, everyone!
Happy New Year

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Dawn каза...

Funny-- I had my post ready for new years-- same one you picked!!
Now I have to go wearching for a new one!!

Happy Mew year to you!!! :)

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