четвъртък, декември 31, 2009

Glitter Graphics
So this time for real - Happy New Year!
I wish you the best of all - let this year be peaceful, or eventful, just the way you want it, and may all your plans and wishes come true. 

I didn't wish you this in the previous post not only because I needed to find cute new year glitter, but also because I wanted to show you my last work for the year: 
My "I'm so cheap" bookmark.
The book, by the way is P.G.Wodehouse's Laughing Gas. He's another one of my favourite authors :D
The bookmark is made of the leftovers that normal people would have thrown away, but not me! ^////^
There will be more....
Happy New Year

I have lot's of plans and hopes for the 2010, one of them is stitching one of those cute teddies

Have a good night and awesome year, everyone!
Happy New Year

Haruka and Michiru pattern

Hi there! I'm hoping to make one more post till midnight, so I won't be wishing you happy new year yet! :D

This post here is dedicated to the Haruka & Michiru pattern Hisuimaxwell requested on the 1337 forum. I was bored and didn't feel at all like doing my homework so tried my luck making one and now you'll see the result.

Sorry for being a little late, but with all the New Year stuff couldn't find time up till now. I made two pattern and she chose the bigger one (210 x 196); the small one was 150x...136. 

So here it is:Sailor big
sailor big 1 Sailor big 2 Sailor big 3 Sailor big 4 Sailor big 5 Sailor big 6 Sailor big key

First, sorry that there are so many pages, but my program can't make pdfs. I was thinking about making a zip file and uploading it somewhere, but I don't know any good sites that won't delete your file after few weeks. (Good thing my other pattern are safely uploaded on 1337xstitch! lol)  For a first time I make such a big pattern and I hope it's all right. I usually tend to clean patterns more (reducing colours. removing lonely stitches, etc) but she said she liked it and so, the customer's always  right! ;D And I was afraid not to ruin the impact of the image as whole. So I just hope that stitched it will look just as well as the pattern. Still if you spot mistakes, please let me know! As stated in the floss list, the white colour has no symbol, simply because it was annoying for me to edit while the whole background was filled with dots. I don't think it's a big problem, just think of a blank square as a sign to stitch white.

I was thinking about adding here the simplified version (it's done so why not...) but Photobucket is soooo slow right now, it took me like half an hour to upload the bigger version, so maybe later. ^^

вторник, декември 29, 2009

Mail, mall and minigames

Stupid title again. I should get over it already.

This will be a heavy-picture post, let me warn you!

Mmm, let's go one by one...

First! Today I sent my bracelet! I'll wait till it arrives and post a photo then. Special thanks to my sister who took a photo for me, because I was in real hurry today. I hope the letter will reach its recipient safe and sound. To be honest that's my first time sending something abroad, but I hope everything will be okay! And it's the neighbour country, so I hope it'll arrive fast! Wish my letter luck on its journey!

After sending it my best friend and I went to the mall for various goodies, including eye candy and just normal candy! :D My hopes were broken when I saw that they have closed the Yves Rocher shop which I really loved and noone knew where is it now T___T So candies for solace were just so needed and our last stop at the mall was The Chocolate Kingdom:

Only one packet make it home. The other mice... ran away...

In the other packet there was a small toy collection :D I like best the circus elephant in the bottom left but he can't be seen well >.>

Artificial Intelligence! 

Mmm, chocolate is nice for recharging too, and I was so exhausted XP We ran through the whole town... my legs still hurt... Well enough for the outside world :D Now back in home I want to show you my new (that's actually recycled old one!) notebook:

Look what my sister drew :DDDD LOVE IT!!! PUFFLE MANIA!!! The cardboard I used to make the cover is silvery and glittering so the photo doesn't look too good, but I can assure you, in reality it's more than awesome :D

Do you remember the game Plants Vs Zombies I talked about before? We're still playing, but lately it's only the Zen garden we care about ^^" Just let me show you my Tree of wisdom:

And my sister's:

It's name is Dudley and as you see it's 62 feet tall now. I don't know how many meters 62 feet are, but I got the feeling Dudley it's slightly taller than my tree. (I should name my tree too. Maybe Fidancho "Lost Cause" Wiseleaf  (fidancho would be the diminutive form of sapling...) But just let me tell you that to grow her tree this tall, my sister mercilessly exploit her other flowers in the Zen garden! I'm not like this! I fight for equality between all species!!!

But truth is Plants vs Zombies isn't the only game we're playing lately. We got hooked on the games of the searching type. I got all my games from NevoSoft or other Russian sites so I got into the Russian "terminology" for the games - they mostly call the searching games Iskalki and I really like this term, lol :P

First is Mystery Legend: Sleepy Hollow

 I didn't have the time to get screenshots myself, so this is from the net. I ADORE the Sleepy Hollow movie (Johnny Depp!!!!! ) and I really enjoyed the game, thought it really followed the legend, not the movie. Everything is very pretty drawn..except... Ichabod Crane XP He really killed me... The destination where you have to search are interesting too and not all the objects are easy to see! I wish I had taken I screenshot of the Sleepy Hollow tree decorated like a Christmas tree with the portraits of the victims of the Hessian. 

Second is Mortimer Beckett and the Spooky Manor. This time I took some shots:

Topcho playing!

It's iskalka too, but the idea is more interesting than simply finding objects. First, all the objects are broken and you have to find the pieces. Then you have to put the assembled items on their places that sometimes are in other rooms of the manor. Other objects you have to use - for example you have to gather the pieces of oiler and scissors, then find a oil tank, fill the oiler, find a whetstone, use the oiler on it so you can sharpen the scissors and so on. The main idea is to find all the pieces of a machine that will chase the ghosts of the house. Oh yeah, there are ghost too. They weren't that much of a bother during the game, so I don't really thing there was a need to chase them away. 

Like that ghost of alcoholic in the corner who died of cirrhosis and now tries to drink all the wine in the house just to keep you from his fate.  support the good cause and give him the bottle of wine. 

The only bad thing about the game is that it's really short - just when you're getting enthusiastic it comes to an end! But it seems there's second part too - this should be checked out!

Thirs and my favourite is SUPER COW!!!!


The story - the evil prof Duriartty (or smth) runs from the jail and takes over the farm! Now only Super Cow can bring the piece back! I laughed a lot on her diary, and the voice of the cow is  awesome. The voices of most of the other animals irritate me, but they too were chosen well to match the characters (specifying - I play the game in Russian) - for example I really liked how the rabbit was lisping . For now I saved the animals up to the rabbit, and my sister, of course, finished the game. If you have a look at her DA page, you'll see her love for the Super Kefir (Kefir is kind of milk drink that in the game gives health to the cow)

Have a lookie in my trophy room:

My favourite one is the champagne from bulls - fans! :DDD Oh, and do you want me to tell you a secret - Super Cow is getting married in the end! (as you can guess I'm watching my sister play).

Last words - those mini games are seriously addicting ^///^ Nyaa, but it's a vacation, still!


вторник, декември 22, 2009

Presenting the presents

                                                         Ok, the title isn't very bright.

In school we drew lots to exchange Christmas presents and we gave it to eachother today. Phew, it was hard choosing it! Due to weather/sickness/work I couldn't buy it until this Sunday. On that day I asked my sister, who was about to go choosing her presents for school, to buy mine too. I asked her to buy one pink poodle (yup, the girl I got to give present too, kinda likes things like this, or so I was told).

But there weren't poodles left in that shop.

So she bought a camel.

Because it was curly like a poodle. 

I don't deny that the camel is cute, but it's not exactly the thing you would give to a person, who'd like a pink curly poodle!

So I went hunting myself. That's what I got her in the end. No poodles indeed, but still:

The candle and the soap (that in the little bag is soap) smell so AWESOME, I wanted to eat them! Just for one night they spent in my room, she smelled like chocolate and vanilla. I got them from Refan, a shop, that really encourages eating candles and soaps with those gorgeous smells. (I have to confess that all the time I was hoping that the person who had to give me a present, would buy me something from there... Nyaah, she didn't, so I decided to treat myself with a cocoa soap bar ^////^)

We ( a group of girls in school) usually give eachother small presents too. We didn't talk it this year but this is what I bought for them.


I have to say I'm very pleased with how it turned out! I got the holiday print patterns form I russian site, Ilovehandmade.ru, that is always feeding me with craft ideas and supplies.

I really love those snow balls! So you can imagine how happy I was when I received one too. Here are the presents I got:

The owl is just awesome.

Aand, as an excuse for the crappy photos, I want to say, that I don't have a light bulb in my room for a week or so now (and I hope tomorrow an electrician will finally come, else I will have a very dark Christmas) and I'm using old and crappy (not to mention ugly) desk lamp.

So Christmas is just around the corner, and I have only one day school till the vacation! For now I wish you merry preparations, if you like me, aren't done yet!

събота, декември 19, 2009

And I will say Nyaa, and Kyaa, and Puchuu...

As many times as I want!

My sister keeps denying me this right!

So... I've been trying to post a blog for a some time now, but failed, which is good, cause else the posts would be filled with now I'm killing a small rainforest daily by using tissus, bad  luck complaining and explanations how much I love Cyrano de Bergerac, accompanied with long quotes, now that I have the book in French, English (though I haven't really needed it in English) and Bulgarian (just let me say that the bulgarian translation is just so awesome, the poet is a genius and I so love it!!!! And be happy you don't get the long version)

Now back to the point. I have tons of work to do. Instead, I spend the early hours of the evening, after coming back from chemistry, drooling over gorgeous Russian craft blogs and following them all, and the late hours, making a pattern:

Have you watched Excel Saga, so you can recognize the incarnation of pure evil, the Puchuus?

I can't say I love this anime, and trust me, the worst thing you can do is watch in parallel Excel saga, Lucky Star and Hetalia, whilst Hetalia has most sense, it's still a pure brainrape. But partly because of Menchi, partly because of the puchuus, I watched it till the end. And I have to say that the puchuus are epic! And in the end we find out that there are good puchuus too, so no problem!

They're cute, they're evil, have purple blood (splatter, splatter, splatter!) , holding a carpet beaters and saying puchuu only.

Since I watched the anime, the word puchuu has become constant in my dictionary.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
So if you share my puchuu love, you can take those. It's a first time I'm posting here a real pattern, but as it seems that Deejay Beta still can't update her site, and I can't post wips due to that secret atmosphere (not like I have much time ), I thought it won't hurt. I like writing blog posts :P And tomorrow I'll probably post it to the forum. But definitely tomorrow *yawn*

Oh, and something else, that's nice, crafty, secret and worth mentioning, is that I'll be doing a gift exchange with a fellow member from the Heather's friendship bracelet forum. She proposed it, and I thought it would be just so cool. I always loved those crafter exchanges, but never get to do one. The one thing I'm sorry about is that I don't have enough time to make something nicer and bigger and etc, even if it's going to be New Year present and not Christmas'. Last details were specified just yesterday and I could start the bracelet. The model, of course, I have to keep secret! I will just say that I shall name this bracelet "My heartstrings come undone", first because of the awesome song of Demon Hunter which I listened at least 20 times yesterday while knotting; and second, because  I said more than 20 times "Damn, I have to undo this string"

Oh well. It actually is coming out nice I think

четвъртък, декември 03, 2009

Sob Sob Sob Sob


Shippuuden ep 138

This is just too much for me. First in the manga, now in the anime, they killed Itachi. Watching it in colour and motion was even more heartbreaking than before. T__T

I haven't read the manga for a while but I DO hope that the little ungrateful emo brat a.k.a Sasuke is getting his ass seriously beaten >:( 

And now, something more, for this post not to be a fangirl sobbing only

*sob sob sob sob sob sob*

But this is Itachi related too...

A long, long time ago, I posted photos of a rabbit wip, so long ago, that now I'm too lazy to go back and find the actual post. Anyways that wip has been kinda  finished long time ago. Kinda, because I found out AGAIN that I suck at sewing and couldn't finish it the way I wanted. The poor thing still deserves it 5 sec of fame or however they say it, so please meet 

Crispy, Itachi's dead eye seeing bunny

Crispy looks quite pitiful and ragged, almost like his been through Hell, which is not that far from the truth I suppose, because he's been through Amaterasu several times. (I hope you know who Crispy is, if not you really should watch Fun with Akatsuki )

He was supposed to have an Akatsuki cloak too, but I failed and couldn't make it. Sorry Crispy.

So now I have a dead naked (not actually, if you look carefully on the photo, he actually has pants, they're knitted in a different way) bunny and his dead master.

sob sob sob

So now the only thing I can do is play my Itachi themed songs and go to bed

Take That - Patience

Chris Daughtry - Sorry

Pendulum - Hold your colour

This one has no AMV, but still for me, I don't know why, but this is and Itachi song

Ahhh, she looked into your eyes,
And saw what laid beneath,
Don't try to save yourself,
The circle is complete.

Yeah, the blog can have a pure personal side too..


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