събота, декември 19, 2009

And I will say Nyaa, and Kyaa, and Puchuu...

As many times as I want!

My sister keeps denying me this right!

So... I've been trying to post a blog for a some time now, but failed, which is good, cause else the posts would be filled with now I'm killing a small rainforest daily by using tissus, bad  luck complaining and explanations how much I love Cyrano de Bergerac, accompanied with long quotes, now that I have the book in French, English (though I haven't really needed it in English) and Bulgarian (just let me say that the bulgarian translation is just so awesome, the poet is a genius and I so love it!!!! And be happy you don't get the long version)

Now back to the point. I have tons of work to do. Instead, I spend the early hours of the evening, after coming back from chemistry, drooling over gorgeous Russian craft blogs and following them all, and the late hours, making a pattern:

Have you watched Excel Saga, so you can recognize the incarnation of pure evil, the Puchuus?

I can't say I love this anime, and trust me, the worst thing you can do is watch in parallel Excel saga, Lucky Star and Hetalia, whilst Hetalia has most sense, it's still a pure brainrape. But partly because of Menchi, partly because of the puchuus, I watched it till the end. And I have to say that the puchuus are epic! And in the end we find out that there are good puchuus too, so no problem!

They're cute, they're evil, have purple blood (splatter, splatter, splatter!) , holding a carpet beaters and saying puchuu only.

Since I watched the anime, the word puchuu has become constant in my dictionary.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
So if you share my puchuu love, you can take those. It's a first time I'm posting here a real pattern, but as it seems that Deejay Beta still can't update her site, and I can't post wips due to that secret atmosphere (not like I have much time ), I thought it won't hurt. I like writing blog posts :P And tomorrow I'll probably post it to the forum. But definitely tomorrow *yawn*

Oh, and something else, that's nice, crafty, secret and worth mentioning, is that I'll be doing a gift exchange with a fellow member from the Heather's friendship bracelet forum. She proposed it, and I thought it would be just so cool. I always loved those crafter exchanges, but never get to do one. The one thing I'm sorry about is that I don't have enough time to make something nicer and bigger and etc, even if it's going to be New Year present and not Christmas'. Last details were specified just yesterday and I could start the bracelet. The model, of course, I have to keep secret! I will just say that I shall name this bracelet "My heartstrings come undone", first because of the awesome song of Demon Hunter which I listened at least 20 times yesterday while knotting; and second, because  I said more than 20 times "Damn, I have to undo this string"

Oh well. It actually is coming out nice I think

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missy-tannenbaum каза...

That pattern is fantastic- I love Excel Saga! :D I'm printing it as soon as I'm done commenting here. :D

Dawn каза...

Cool finally seeing some patterns now!! :) I hope you make more soon!!

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