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Haruka and Michiru pattern

Hi there! I'm hoping to make one more post till midnight, so I won't be wishing you happy new year yet! :D

This post here is dedicated to the Haruka & Michiru pattern Hisuimaxwell requested on the 1337 forum. I was bored and didn't feel at all like doing my homework so tried my luck making one and now you'll see the result.

Sorry for being a little late, but with all the New Year stuff couldn't find time up till now. I made two pattern and she chose the bigger one (210 x 196); the small one was 150x...136. 

So here it is:Sailor big
sailor big 1 Sailor big 2 Sailor big 3 Sailor big 4 Sailor big 5 Sailor big 6 Sailor big key

First, sorry that there are so many pages, but my program can't make pdfs. I was thinking about making a zip file and uploading it somewhere, but I don't know any good sites that won't delete your file after few weeks. (Good thing my other pattern are safely uploaded on 1337xstitch! lol)  For a first time I make such a big pattern and I hope it's all right. I usually tend to clean patterns more (reducing colours. removing lonely stitches, etc) but she said she liked it and so, the customer's always  right! ;D And I was afraid not to ruin the impact of the image as whole. So I just hope that stitched it will look just as well as the pattern. Still if you spot mistakes, please let me know! As stated in the floss list, the white colour has no symbol, simply because it was annoying for me to edit while the whole background was filled with dots. I don't think it's a big problem, just think of a blank square as a sign to stitch white.

I was thinking about adding here the simplified version (it's done so why not...) but Photobucket is soooo slow right now, it took me like half an hour to upload the bigger version, so maybe later. ^^

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Dawn каза...

Good job on the huge pattern.
Im not sure-- you could try www.office.org it has a free pdf maker on it!

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