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Sob Sob Sob Sob


Shippuuden ep 138

This is just too much for me. First in the manga, now in the anime, they killed Itachi. Watching it in colour and motion was even more heartbreaking than before. T__T

I haven't read the manga for a while but I DO hope that the little ungrateful emo brat a.k.a Sasuke is getting his ass seriously beaten >:( 

And now, something more, for this post not to be a fangirl sobbing only

*sob sob sob sob sob sob*

But this is Itachi related too...

A long, long time ago, I posted photos of a rabbit wip, so long ago, that now I'm too lazy to go back and find the actual post. Anyways that wip has been kinda  finished long time ago. Kinda, because I found out AGAIN that I suck at sewing and couldn't finish it the way I wanted. The poor thing still deserves it 5 sec of fame or however they say it, so please meet 

Crispy, Itachi's dead eye seeing bunny

Crispy looks quite pitiful and ragged, almost like his been through Hell, which is not that far from the truth I suppose, because he's been through Amaterasu several times. (I hope you know who Crispy is, if not you really should watch Fun with Akatsuki )

He was supposed to have an Akatsuki cloak too, but I failed and couldn't make it. Sorry Crispy.

So now I have a dead naked (not actually, if you look carefully on the photo, he actually has pants, they're knitted in a different way) bunny and his dead master.

sob sob sob

So now the only thing I can do is play my Itachi themed songs and go to bed

Take That - Patience

Chris Daughtry - Sorry

Pendulum - Hold your colour

This one has no AMV, but still for me, I don't know why, but this is and Itachi song

Ahhh, she looked into your eyes,
And saw what laid beneath,
Don't try to save yourself,
The circle is complete.

Yeah, the blog can have a pure personal side too..


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tatie grenouille каза...

The last manga i've seen it's: Vampire Knight!!! I like manga and japonese cartoon!!!
See you soon!!!

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