петък, септември 25, 2009

Busy, busy, busy... but not with wips...

The school is clearly stealing all of my free time. As a result I haven't picked a needle this week, almost haven't touched a mouse - my sister has the task to check my accounts almost everywhere and inform me if there's something interesting. And those last days my Internet is slow in the evenings. I remember when I first read "Knitting for dummies" - there they said that you can knit while waiting for the pages to load. Back then I laughed. Now I wsh to knit while waiting. Instead I write, mostly biology stuff; anyway I've written more that a page while one photo was uploading here on blogspot >.<
But enough complaining! Because when I'm rereading my blog, I want to remember the good things only.
So here's Ernestina:

Ernestina's name was given - yup, no joke - by mom. actually, first it was Ernesto. but then she decided that the this is a girl whale - because of the starfish it has "behind the ear", and like this Ernesto wad renamed and became Ernestina. I plan to let Mom name my other works too. Sometimes the total lack of logic, or even more stunning - the weird paths of her logic - sure can give... interesting results...
Ernestina shall become my second bday card. I hope. October is quite a busy month in regard to birthdays. I was hoping to finish this one till the end of September, but I doubt this is going to happen. I was planning to stitch while watching this week's episode of Bleach (yes, I can't let go of Bleach ! >.< Especially now when I know nothing about Bya! And in the previous they gave a hint about him that get me so worked out, I couldn't make a stitch. All the time I was waiting for him to show, but , good grief, empty hopes!)
And the author of the whale pattern is of course Tatie Grenouille I suppose it can be guessed from the cuteness! Btw I learned that her blog had a bday few days ago too. I hope she will continue to make cross-stithers' lifes happier and brighter with her patterns and posts. : )
This is quite old... Dating from the previous bday card... The second biscornu I've been longing to make. And the only things I have to do is just stitch the outlines of the back - I want fill it - and sew it. I really love the colours, but they do not look good enough on the photo. I really should take the photos while there's daylight

And my other wip in the moment, who didn't get a photo, is my LOTR scarf. It's getting closer to 1m now and I don't need to worry about not having enough yarn anymore. I bought 3 more skeins of grey so now I can make it as long as I want ^___^ And as it is getting colder little by litt;e, it reminds me how nice is to feel the light weight of the knitted piece in your lap, warming you up. The cross stitching, no matter how nice and colorful it might be, can't give you this.
But now I'm missing all of my craftsT_____T

вторник, септември 22, 2009

Halloween Snail

Pattern from Cyber Stitcher, designer Ana Barbara
Click to enlarge! And to see th ghosty spder in his web, that my sister drew. ( YEah I seriously suck in drawing, Even a ball with 8 legs is beyond my capabilities.) I love how the lead looks on the black cardboard :D
The Halloween Snail enters the Craft Challenge as number 6 - Boo! He's scary!
What, you say, no way! He's a cutie!
Snails can have hundreds to thousands teeth. Most mollusk groups, including snails (gastropods), have a set of teeth that is shaped like a wavy ribbon called a radula ribbon. Bivalves such as clams, scallops, oysters are the exception and do not have this structure. There can be hundreds of rows of teeth and several different tooth types in one snail or very few rows with a single tooth in each. As the teeth get worn they are continuously replaced by developing teeth, much in the same way that a shark's teeth are. These teeth can be used for scraping food such as algae, however, there are snails that have evolved teeth that serve as harpoons which are hollow and used to inject venom when catching prey such as fish. The characteristics of the teeth help scientist distinguish between different species and how they are related to other snail group
On Halloween eve the little vamp shail is just out there, hiding in your garden, right behind the pumpkins and sharpening his smal, numerous teeth, ready to strike his fangs. What you thought is a just another Jack o'lantern is in reality the small eyes on the top of his tentacles that are spakling red and bloodthristy The trantula is just a little buggy, the black widow has a lot more to study in order to reach the level of cruelty od the vamp shail. Good thing he is set free only on Halloween! Oh, and you don't want to know who's keeping him the rest of the time...
Someone else to call in quiestion his right to be Boo! ? There's still place in the plot of lettuce... not like in the end there's much left to be hidden...
P.S. Pst, sis, what would you think of an eventual meeting of Vamp Snail and poor ratty Michel :P

сряда, септември 09, 2009

Cats are so last year

What have cats to do with pumpkins anyway? You can ask anyone, snails are much more acquainted with all the pumpkin and garden matters. This shail here is still a slug tho. I'm working on finishing his home. I fell in love with the pattern (from Cyber Stitchers) and dispite all the other work to do, Mr Halloween Snail get the place of the Giraffe in my wip list. Ha, Halloween's not celebrated here anyway. But this is cute and because of it I got the urge to watch Sleepy Hollow again. Damn, this movie is sooo good. I tend to speak too much about Tim Burton lately, but this is a masterpiece of his. And young Johnny Depp is way too sexy, even when he looks like he's about to faint.
The cross-stitching part seems to end here.

Unfortunatelly for my sister cats don't seem to be last year, because she bought again cat notebooks like every year. I'm not neither cat lover nor much of a hater, but I dislike those notebooks with some weird kittens that are like "The little voices in my head are telling me to..." Last 2 days we've been doing lot of school shopping - mainly notebooks for her and manuals for me cause she's gettin hers for free from school and I have notebooks from last year. I kinda miss the buying of new notebooks. For me this always has been the most exciting part of the beggining of the school years so I tried to enjoy to fullest when we choosed hers. The fact that I have to carry the heavy bag the way home kinda killed the joy...
Those cats are freaking weird, I'm telling ya. Those aren't real, authentic (go Terry!) cats. The real thing are the ones like Gribo, like the cat from Coraline and of course the Schrödinger's cat.
Nyaa I really love those ones! I told her not to put the labels before I made the photo, but she did it anyway. I btw plan to use the labels from here - > Cré-Enfantin This place is just super-cute-awesome-gorgeous-add-every-other-superlative-here ^____^ Too bad I didn't find it earlier in the summer!
And here I some of my old notebooks. Some of them are nearly half empty so I decided to continue writing in them. It's even better this way, because with most subjects we'll just start form where we dropped it in the end of the year. Ha, I'm posting it because they will hardly go through one more year. Then I'll came here, and sighing will remember how cute they were.

The manuals aren't interesting att all, so will just count them as presenting. My Maths are pink, and the history is in the most disgusting orange colour I've seen. But the bookies are more important anyways ^____^ Couldn't resist them! Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Terry Prattchet's Going Postal. I'm happy.

Tch, it seems I lied up there... I forgot about this

Lol I loove it :D The idea is form an avatar and one afternoon I just sat and made it while waiting for mom to finish her job. It's about 2.5x2.5cm and packed as a badge. I plan to sew a safety pin on the back. If this esperiment succeeds, I plan to make a bunch of cross-stitch badges ^^

неделя, септември 06, 2009

Tim Burton and more!

I found about this movie by chance - I saw I fanart of the Mad Hatter on DA! Lucky me!
9 isn't out yet, but Alice is coming already. To be honest I don't really like the Disney animation of Alice in Wonderland. Because Alice has always creeped me out and if you ask me, this is everything but NOT a children book. It gives me shivers. So now it is finally presented in the right form :D And Tim Burton x Johnny Depp is the best combination ever!

And while I'm still about movies - Cheburashka! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that they're making Cheburashka into an anime. This russian animation was one of my favourites when I was a little kid, along with Nu Pogodi and Tom and Jerry. I'm not sure how to react on this - first, I can't imagine Cheburashka in other language, but Russian, even thought, that I've heard it translated in various languages, including Japanese. But from what I saw the style of the animation is very nice and simple, following the original; so I hope wverything will be for the best. And this way more children from all over will know the story of Cheburashka, that's what I think. And it really is such a cute story - the tale of a little creature that fells asleep in a cardboard box of oranges, gets transported to Russia and is left all alone, living in a phone box; and Gena - a crocodile who works as a crocodile in the zoo and one day posts an announcement that he's searching for a friend. And so on and on ^^ really a great story, with awesome songs too. I still can sing (out of tune, but anyway) Gena's birthday song.

събота, септември 05, 2009

The Giraffe... Finally!

Finally stitched and glued. Aaah, glue's one of stitchers' best friends. If only I could find purple cardboard, it'd be better, but there was none and I didn't have the time to go to other places to search. The paper is too thin. Mom, of course, had to say, that she liked the un-carded version better, and granma keeps saying that I give away everything I make away and wants me to frame my works. And I keep telling her that I DON"T WANT to frame them, even I didn't give them as presents. The frame makes everything so.. static and I don't like it. I'll eventually frame only if I do something very big.
In addition to the card I decided ti continue with the giraffe theme:
I don't know for you, but I think it so cute and will be very pleased with such a present. And the girl (the bday was yesterday on 4th so I already gave it), well she liked it I suppose.. But I like people to be a little more enthusiastic when recieving a present (nya, that may sound egoistic, but I'm like this..)
As for the party, well it was as expected. I didn't exactly go there to have fun - because I didn't know most of the people, and I hate the music that was on all night - so loud I could feel the air in my lungs vibrating - I went because that was her day, and I wanted to give my best wishes and so.
But the worst was on the morning - we slept there because shes' now in a lil town about 30 min from ours. So in the morning when I ran to catch the bus I fell and totally tore up my knees. I missed the bus of course and had to wait for the next while bandaging with tissues my knees. Good thing I always bring few small band-aids, but couldn't do much... I suppose I looked like... gah, I don't know... but my knees still HURT T___T especially when I walk.

Oh and almost forgot - the giraffe-whose-name-isn't-Muamba is entering the Craft Challenge as 9 Africa.

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