петък, септември 25, 2009

Busy, busy, busy... but not with wips...

The school is clearly stealing all of my free time. As a result I haven't picked a needle this week, almost haven't touched a mouse - my sister has the task to check my accounts almost everywhere and inform me if there's something interesting. And those last days my Internet is slow in the evenings. I remember when I first read "Knitting for dummies" - there they said that you can knit while waiting for the pages to load. Back then I laughed. Now I wsh to knit while waiting. Instead I write, mostly biology stuff; anyway I've written more that a page while one photo was uploading here on blogspot >.<
But enough complaining! Because when I'm rereading my blog, I want to remember the good things only.
So here's Ernestina:

Ernestina's name was given - yup, no joke - by mom. actually, first it was Ernesto. but then she decided that the this is a girl whale - because of the starfish it has "behind the ear", and like this Ernesto wad renamed and became Ernestina. I plan to let Mom name my other works too. Sometimes the total lack of logic, or even more stunning - the weird paths of her logic - sure can give... interesting results...
Ernestina shall become my second bday card. I hope. October is quite a busy month in regard to birthdays. I was hoping to finish this one till the end of September, but I doubt this is going to happen. I was planning to stitch while watching this week's episode of Bleach (yes, I can't let go of Bleach ! >.< Especially now when I know nothing about Bya! And in the previous they gave a hint about him that get me so worked out, I couldn't make a stitch. All the time I was waiting for him to show, but , good grief, empty hopes!)
And the author of the whale pattern is of course Tatie Grenouille I suppose it can be guessed from the cuteness! Btw I learned that her blog had a bday few days ago too. I hope she will continue to make cross-stithers' lifes happier and brighter with her patterns and posts. : )
This is quite old... Dating from the previous bday card... The second biscornu I've been longing to make. And the only things I have to do is just stitch the outlines of the back - I want fill it - and sew it. I really love the colours, but they do not look good enough on the photo. I really should take the photos while there's daylight

And my other wip in the moment, who didn't get a photo, is my LOTR scarf. It's getting closer to 1m now and I don't need to worry about not having enough yarn anymore. I bought 3 more skeins of grey so now I can make it as long as I want ^___^ And as it is getting colder little by litt;e, it reminds me how nice is to feel the light weight of the knitted piece in your lap, warming you up. The cross stitching, no matter how nice and colorful it might be, can't give you this.
But now I'm missing all of my craftsT_____T

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tatie grenouille каза...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I 'll come back on your blog!!!

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