неделя, септември 06, 2009

Tim Burton and more!

I found about this movie by chance - I saw I fanart of the Mad Hatter on DA! Lucky me!
9 isn't out yet, but Alice is coming already. To be honest I don't really like the Disney animation of Alice in Wonderland. Because Alice has always creeped me out and if you ask me, this is everything but NOT a children book. It gives me shivers. So now it is finally presented in the right form :D And Tim Burton x Johnny Depp is the best combination ever!

And while I'm still about movies - Cheburashka! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that they're making Cheburashka into an anime. This russian animation was one of my favourites when I was a little kid, along with Nu Pogodi and Tom and Jerry. I'm not sure how to react on this - first, I can't imagine Cheburashka in other language, but Russian, even thought, that I've heard it translated in various languages, including Japanese. But from what I saw the style of the animation is very nice and simple, following the original; so I hope wverything will be for the best. And this way more children from all over will know the story of Cheburashka, that's what I think. And it really is such a cute story - the tale of a little creature that fells asleep in a cardboard box of oranges, gets transported to Russia and is left all alone, living in a phone box; and Gena - a crocodile who works as a crocodile in the zoo and one day posts an announcement that he's searching for a friend. And so on and on ^^ really a great story, with awesome songs too. I still can sing (out of tune, but anyway) Gena's birthday song.

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