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Halloween Snail

Pattern from Cyber Stitcher, designer Ana Barbara
Click to enlarge! And to see th ghosty spder in his web, that my sister drew. ( YEah I seriously suck in drawing, Even a ball with 8 legs is beyond my capabilities.) I love how the lead looks on the black cardboard :D
The Halloween Snail enters the Craft Challenge as number 6 - Boo! He's scary!
What, you say, no way! He's a cutie!
Snails can have hundreds to thousands teeth. Most mollusk groups, including snails (gastropods), have a set of teeth that is shaped like a wavy ribbon called a radula ribbon. Bivalves such as clams, scallops, oysters are the exception and do not have this structure. There can be hundreds of rows of teeth and several different tooth types in one snail or very few rows with a single tooth in each. As the teeth get worn they are continuously replaced by developing teeth, much in the same way that a shark's teeth are. These teeth can be used for scraping food such as algae, however, there are snails that have evolved teeth that serve as harpoons which are hollow and used to inject venom when catching prey such as fish. The characteristics of the teeth help scientist distinguish between different species and how they are related to other snail group
On Halloween eve the little vamp shail is just out there, hiding in your garden, right behind the pumpkins and sharpening his smal, numerous teeth, ready to strike his fangs. What you thought is a just another Jack o'lantern is in reality the small eyes on the top of his tentacles that are spakling red and bloodthristy The trantula is just a little buggy, the black widow has a lot more to study in order to reach the level of cruelty od the vamp shail. Good thing he is set free only on Halloween! Oh, and you don't want to know who's keeping him the rest of the time...
Someone else to call in quiestion his right to be Boo! ? There's still place in the plot of lettuce... not like in the end there's much left to be hidden...
P.S. Pst, sis, what would you think of an eventual meeting of Vamp Snail and poor ratty Michel :P

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