събота, септември 05, 2009

The Giraffe... Finally!

Finally stitched and glued. Aaah, glue's one of stitchers' best friends. If only I could find purple cardboard, it'd be better, but there was none and I didn't have the time to go to other places to search. The paper is too thin. Mom, of course, had to say, that she liked the un-carded version better, and granma keeps saying that I give away everything I make away and wants me to frame my works. And I keep telling her that I DON"T WANT to frame them, even I didn't give them as presents. The frame makes everything so.. static and I don't like it. I'll eventually frame only if I do something very big.
In addition to the card I decided ti continue with the giraffe theme:
I don't know for you, but I think it so cute and will be very pleased with such a present. And the girl (the bday was yesterday on 4th so I already gave it), well she liked it I suppose.. But I like people to be a little more enthusiastic when recieving a present (nya, that may sound egoistic, but I'm like this..)
As for the party, well it was as expected. I didn't exactly go there to have fun - because I didn't know most of the people, and I hate the music that was on all night - so loud I could feel the air in my lungs vibrating - I went because that was her day, and I wanted to give my best wishes and so.
But the worst was on the morning - we slept there because shes' now in a lil town about 30 min from ours. So in the morning when I ran to catch the bus I fell and totally tore up my knees. I missed the bus of course and had to wait for the next while bandaging with tissues my knees. Good thing I always bring few small band-aids, but couldn't do much... I suppose I looked like... gah, I don't know... but my knees still HURT T___T especially when I walk.

Oh and almost forgot - the giraffe-whose-name-isn't-Muamba is entering the Craft Challenge as 9 Africa.

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