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Cats are so last year

What have cats to do with pumpkins anyway? You can ask anyone, snails are much more acquainted with all the pumpkin and garden matters. This shail here is still a slug tho. I'm working on finishing his home. I fell in love with the pattern (from Cyber Stitchers) and dispite all the other work to do, Mr Halloween Snail get the place of the Giraffe in my wip list. Ha, Halloween's not celebrated here anyway. But this is cute and because of it I got the urge to watch Sleepy Hollow again. Damn, this movie is sooo good. I tend to speak too much about Tim Burton lately, but this is a masterpiece of his. And young Johnny Depp is way too sexy, even when he looks like he's about to faint.
The cross-stitching part seems to end here.

Unfortunatelly for my sister cats don't seem to be last year, because she bought again cat notebooks like every year. I'm not neither cat lover nor much of a hater, but I dislike those notebooks with some weird kittens that are like "The little voices in my head are telling me to..." Last 2 days we've been doing lot of school shopping - mainly notebooks for her and manuals for me cause she's gettin hers for free from school and I have notebooks from last year. I kinda miss the buying of new notebooks. For me this always has been the most exciting part of the beggining of the school years so I tried to enjoy to fullest when we choosed hers. The fact that I have to carry the heavy bag the way home kinda killed the joy...
Those cats are freaking weird, I'm telling ya. Those aren't real, authentic (go Terry!) cats. The real thing are the ones like Gribo, like the cat from Coraline and of course the Schrödinger's cat.
Nyaa I really love those ones! I told her not to put the labels before I made the photo, but she did it anyway. I btw plan to use the labels from here - > Cré-Enfantin This place is just super-cute-awesome-gorgeous-add-every-other-superlative-here ^____^ Too bad I didn't find it earlier in the summer!
And here I some of my old notebooks. Some of them are nearly half empty so I decided to continue writing in them. It's even better this way, because with most subjects we'll just start form where we dropped it in the end of the year. Ha, I'm posting it because they will hardly go through one more year. Then I'll came here, and sighing will remember how cute they were.

The manuals aren't interesting att all, so will just count them as presenting. My Maths are pink, and the history is in the most disgusting orange colour I've seen. But the bookies are more important anyways ^____^ Couldn't resist them! Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Terry Prattchet's Going Postal. I'm happy.

Tch, it seems I lied up there... I forgot about this

Lol I loove it :D The idea is form an avatar and one afternoon I just sat and made it while waiting for mom to finish her job. It's about 2.5x2.5cm and packed as a badge. I plan to sew a safety pin on the back. If this esperiment succeeds, I plan to make a bunch of cross-stitch badges ^^

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