вторник, ноември 24, 2009

WIPs and... zombies! Plants too :D

Let's start with something I did right after finishing Marvin but forgot to post :

Gatchacaz inspired me with her works and showed me some pretty nice starter instructions for starters in blackwork.  This is my first attempt  - a first part of Circle of seasons serie - the spring. I like it pretty much, but for now the completing of the whole project is on hold due to Christmas presents :P

And now few word for the maybe disturbing presence of zombies in the title! I am the last person to call himself game lover, but lately a found a mini game that got me absolutely and helplessly addicted.  The Plants vs Zombies is just a "tower defense" type game with simple mouse click control. What you have to do is to plant some genetically modified flowers and vegetables in your lawn in order to protect your house from the waves of zombies how want nothing more but to eat your brain.Simple enough, and in the same time, it's somehow impossible to get boring. :D

It has 50 levels in the main mode on three stages (but when you play in the night is a whole different thing). around 40  plants to collect( I think, I didn't go through the whole game yet, but my sis did, Unlike some people, she has the free time to do such things) and 30 (again not sure) zombies. But as you play, you can open more mini games, puzzles, get a zen garden, zombie aquarium, Tree of wisdom and a bunch of other things that can help you buy thing from your crazy neighbor. Once you finish the game, you can (according to sis) to start over again, but now let the Crazy Dave choose your plants and win chocolates to feed your snails (if so, I'd like to be snail too)

I love the animation, and the game is filled with awesome sense of humour.  I found this out right away after I checked the Help section that was "brought to me by the zombies". By the way, with all this, there's no way not to get just a little fond to the zombies too.

Dear, they're trying so hard!

And the game ends with one of the cutest songs I've heard

Makes me wanna sing along! :DDD

And to finish all this, I want to show what am working at the moment. When finished, it should look somewhat like this:

This is made after my sis' avatar on DA (yeah, I'm still under the puffle influence ) but apart form the original one I made some modifications...  that I won't be able to show here, because I don't wont to spoil the Christmas surprise! And I like so much to post wips T_____T 

I personally think that the whole puffle thing is super cute, and it really is a pleasure to work on this project. The puffles seem to be charas of an  online game Club Penguin, that I know little about (but one think I know for sure - the creators made huge mistake not making the puffles main characters). Anyway I prefer my mystic way of puffle creation.

I sent this pattern to Deejay Beta for her site, and so, eventually, when her computer is fixed and she can post again, you might be able to find it on the site :) I added a .pat file too, so the ones who want can more easily edit their puffle design (it's so much fun!!!)

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tatie grenouille каза...

Thanks for the free!!!
And congratulation for the blackwork: it's so beautiful!!!
I've found frees!!!
See you soon!!!

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