вторник, ноември 10, 2009

Happy!!! ^___^

Well, I'm just happy this week.

There were several things that made that, and first is
  • The owner of the blog Les Petits Croix de Fred  who is also the author of the cute laundry patterns I've been stitching lately! I can't download from Fred's blog, so first it was Eryn who helped me out. And when I went to say thanks to Fred too, for creating those awesome patterns and giving them for free, she was so kind and sent me ALL of the patterns she had made so far, without me even asking for them! Merci, Fred, pour ta gentillesse!MySpace 
  • Next thing that astonished me was the fact, that last week I somehow got 101 pageviews on this blog! I usually got around 11 per week, so adding the zero between the two ones is pretty impressive. If someone  who visited me last week comes back by chance, just to let you know, thanks! Благодаря ^___^
  • We're getting second week of holiday!
  • I haven't forgotten how to knit yet! I successfully finished my piece. It's true that I didn't win the battle against the double points, but still on ordinary needles, I like the result I got.  I'll show it when I make the proper photo sessionMySpace  Other is, that I finally started cross stitching something for myself for a change! I saw the pattern just yesterday and it blew my neat to-do-list. (Ok, I lied here. I don't have such a thing like neat to do list. Mine is, more likely, a to-do-pile )
  • Now, this is not that happy event, because I decided to say goodbye to the Mozilla Firefox. It's kinda sad, because I really liked the bright foxy, but  it was getting unbearable. Casual "The scripts can't be read" and "Memory full" right after I had cleaned the history and everything. Now I'm writing here for a first time as an Opera user. I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I have to find a way to transfer everything form the Firebox to the Opera.
  • And last in order, but not in importance - I found out the one of my favourite  groups, Cobra Starship, has a new album. I LOVE IT! For a few day here, I can't stop listening to it! And for less than a week, the Cobras made it from № 4 to № 1 in my Last.fm chart, getting ahead of the previous leader with 40 listenings MySpace

Oh, and also, 9 is an awesome movie.

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