сряда, ноември 04, 2009

Et maintenant...

Exersice 2:

And here is finished the second part of the "laundry" :3 I'm absolutely loving it!... Except the dark purple towel, I love it a lil less... Gosh, this is the first time I had so much backstitch O.o I can't say I liked doing it, but the result doesn't look bad ^__^
A reminder that the pattern is a freebie #19 from the beautiful blog Les Petites Croix de Fred

But right now I'm very sad, because my favourite ice scater has broken a leg and now he can't particioate any more in the competition I follow T__T They have found him a substitute but gaaah~~~ I want him!
As a revanche, our Maxim and his partner made their best performance till now - at least for me. I loved it!

Now I'm in love with the song too - "Become my bird". Lol, but he needs to lose a little weight ^//^ So he can look like Aleksey:

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