сряда, ноември 11, 2009

What is a puffle?

"Puffle is, Psycho Puffle said, a living fluff. Like, Sesshy's thing, it's a fluff, but if it was alive, it'd be a puffle."

So the fluff, the Fluff...

In a night like this...

It's ALIVE!!!




So here I present you my piece of living (sleeping) fluff, surprisingly named the Sleeping Puffle. It was inspired by my sister's DA avatar  but obviously there's difference in the characters of her puffle and mine! This is the first thing I knitted without having a pattern written for it, but I somehow managed it. I wanted to knit the hat on dps, so it won't have a seam on the back, but epically failed. No matter how many times I tried, the result was something like a dream catcher.

In the end, I still don't know what puffles are as I can't find where my sis' avatar is from, The only reference I found was:

It says "You caught this puffle stealing your money. What do you want to do?"

1st option "Beat him up" Second "Let him go"

Oh, but c'mon... It's so cute! (and not even on the puchuu way!)

"Nyaah, nyaah, the pompon puff is so heavy! T___T"

The puff, you say...

Oh damn... It's too cute XD I'm letting it go!

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