вторник, ноември 17, 2009

One not so lucky android

Since I'm watching Lucky Star now, I got inspired form the beautiful works Max-the-rabbitything has done and thought it would be nice to stitch something Lucky Star-ish while watching the anime! So I had to choose one of the many cute Lucky Star patterns Missy Tannenbaum has on her blog. But while browsing, something unexpected has happened.

I saw a tag "The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"

So, DON'T PANIC now.

I don't know how I missed this pattern when it was posted, but now, when I re-discovered it, Marvin totally won the battle against Lucky Star. Sorry girls.

When I saw the pattern, first thing that popped in my mind was : "He must be in the Krikkit ship now!" Mostly because I love that part of the book the most (when all the robots got depressed). I still haven't watched the movie. *sigh*

But I should quit this babble and present you my new pincushion (at least I plan to use it for

this), featuring Marvin!

Marvin hates me. He judges  me not more intelligent than a live mattress, so he's 30 billion times smarter than me. He also thinks I'm blind, cause I stitched him in light green shade (just later checked the actual key, and it said baby blue or smth. Nyaa the piccu was small and green was nice...) . He also thinks I'm cheap ( well you have the point here darling) because I stitched him with Ariadna floss that's half cheaper than DMC (but I really love it!) and is a leftover from the biscornu (and before being a leftover from the biscornu, it was a leftover from a bracelet). And what is really making his diodes hurt, is the fact that for the back side I used DMC (which is a leftover form Kisa, if this is going to make you feel better!)

So, close up of Marvin:

He's in prison, lol :D

And close up of the back side with just a little personal, or should I say, Marvin touch:

He's on the Krikkit ship and he's composing lullabies! ^____^  I picked up the second half of the song, because of the sheep (cool), but I love the whole thing. Btw, it's 22 count (I didn't want a huge Marvin, that would be too depressing for me) and the little letters were pain in the... wrist to stitch.

Nyaa so late, so late, and have to go to school tomorrow, so better go to sleep...

Thank you, Missy, for making the pattern! :D

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missy-tannenbaum каза...

Ah, that looks fantastic, and the light green is nice, too! The only reason it was blue on the key is because that's how the pattern maker read my drawing, so it doesn't matter at all what pastel color it is. The quote on back is a really nice touch, too, and I love how you wrote about the project. ^^ Do you mind if I link to Marvin with a thumbnail image in my blog?

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