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Vamp tale in colour

Veniaminna for Topcho by *PsychoPuffle on deviantART
My sister's style is getting better in a blink of an eye, I already knew that, but till the very last moment I didn't know that she was drawing my Veniamina! I saw the pic only after it was uploaded on DA!

This is part of my birthday present from sis (yey, I'm getting a birthday present half year before the actual birthday! :P). First it was going to be 4 bookmarks with various anime characters and Maya had a lot of fun choosing my most hated ones and threatening me that she'll draw a bookmark for every single one of the Lobelia members. MySpace
But then she read my Vamp Tales and I was very happy that she liked them! She even decided that instead of anime characters, she wants to draw my OCs from the stories - which made me even happier.
So here comes the first one of the set, featuring Veniamina, the pretty witch that knows not the meaning of words such fairplay, loyality or modesty, cause her dictionary is missing pages. Instead, she knows quite well how to mess with someone's mind (or guts), can tell fortunes and play poker with the very same cards she used to predict that you're going to lose lot of money. With all of this, of course, she's my favourite female character.
In the picture up there she looks quite kinder than she is. But Veniamina is a little foxy, and I suppose right know she's trying to regain Nicola's benignancy.

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