петък, октомври 23, 2009


Here I am, Friday night at 1.30 am, after happily passing few hours writing over the electrolysis. And NaCl. Again and again. Whoever wrote all those exercises, seriously lacked imagination. Na, and Cu, and sometimes Zn, but always Cl >.< Add something with Br, just for the colour! And my mother asking if I was stitching some kind of aldehyde when she saw the CHO beginning of the chocolate cross-stitch, killed my daily enthousiasm for crafts.
While writing the themes, I was stopping to have some rest every 1-2 pages and to relax, I watched some videos (that fortunatelly aren't on youtube, because lately it's acting like ->add a fav word here<- deleting all my fav videos, AMVs and even trailers) But for now I decided I'm done for tonight and will finish the rest tomorrow. And surprisingly felt like blogging for those very clips. Fact is, that I hate all sport activities, except one, which can hardly be called sport. It's art. combining the best of dance, theatre and music, and bringing it all together on the ice. This, of course, is the figure scating. And as this is the only sport I approve, also the only tv program I watch. Ice Age is how it should be translated, I believe, and it really frees the sportsmen from the annoying rules of the professional ica scating, giving themm all the freedom to really turn the sport into art. As far as I know the concept of the program is used in many countries - to bring a scater and musician/actor/etc together to form a couple - but I'm watching the Russian version, because there are two Bulgarian scaters performing there. if it was a competition, I would naturally be for them, but as it is not, I feel free to have another favourite couples ^w^ And now I'll just enjoy rewatching them again, and again, and AGAIN, preparing for tomorrow when the new issue is coming!

For the theme "England", Holy Hamlet, this is not something you can see during the Olympics! When I first watched I was just amazed. And I should be used to this, because this is my fav couple and they're always making quite the performance. But this one here was one of their best and craziest ideas ever. Go Navka & Marat! :3

I want such pony! Still one the theme "England" as one may guess, this couple is one of my fav too, and it's getting extra points, because I know the actor quite well from movies and series (and when I forgot his name, I just call him count Repnin). But he was seriously eating the flowers.

Evil woman, why are you making fun of the pretty boy! The prettiest boy on the ice, if you ask me ^///^ And the theme here is actual to me, cause those two were playing graduates on the prom...

And this is our girl, Albena! I usually don't like too much their performances here, simply because her partner, who's a great musician, true, but on the ice is like a bear. Cute teddy bear. But this time they did it. The waltz they've chosen and the moves did it ^^

Lol, so enough for now. Tomorrow I'll have few more faves, because the theme will be Latino-american, and I'm sure it will be pretty cool

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