неделя, октомври 25, 2009

Choco Choco


A Choco Choco Clap Clap

A Choco Choco Slap Slap

Everybody say a


Everybody in the world loves chocolate!
Oooh, we love it!

Oh, It makes you happy!
Yeah, it gets you sexy!

It makes you fat
but we don't care about that!

Come on!
Un, dos,
Un, dos, tres!


And I just love this song soo much *w* And this pattern too, and someday I'm so stitching it again for personal use! It's from Cyberstitcher. and this is the next b-day card, for a birthday that was on 17th, but I had an official permission to slow down the work a little ^^"" The next classmate birthday is March, but I'll be making a card for my teacher who's born in December. I found the perfect pattern and thanks to the great forum mate from 1337 xstitch forum I'll be able to start it ^///^
Ups, my sister will be probably reading this blog too... I'll start your present too!!! I'll work on both of them in parallel! Promise!

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