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Birthday card 2 + some usual babling

The second birthday on my list was on the 13th, and now Ernestina has a brand new owner. I hope she'll care for her ^^ At least the girl who get the card, seemed to really like it, and this made me really happy :) I love when people like the things I handmake for them ^///^
So here is the final version of the card (scanned):
I think it looks fairly good, even better than the previous (but the reason for this is mostly the aida) and including the fact that it was finished after midnight... like this is something unusual for me. When done, I decided that it would be better to scan it now, instead of taking the usual photo. But the scanner, or more likely the laptop, decided to act like a b**ch. When I first turned it on, the mouse didn't want to click, it only moved around aimlessly. I had to restart it in order to scan and save, but then it refused to save the images. Just later I found that in the end it saved one of the images, of the front of the card, but not those of the inside. So in the morning, before going to school, I took some pictures:
Don't blame me for the crappy quality! I took it at 6.30 am, and in the mornings I don't even have the time to get some coffee, so this is the best photo I was able to tool, half-asleep (not to say fully). Like said before, the pattern for Ernestina is from Tattie Grenouille's blog, and there should be link somewhere in the left...
Now, after finishing the other October card, I plan to do something for myslef. I still don't know what exactly, maybe I'll give another try to the Hitachiin twins, or stitch some of the tempting patterns on 1337 xstitch, or try making a pattern on my own for some of my new anime loves... grr I'm the worst... >.<
Btw my new anime love is Hetalia Axis Powers! ^///^ Oh the cuteness! I'm so in love with it now, and with all the bishies. At first Italy annoyed me to the bone. But after just a few episodes... after seeing him dreaming for pasta, wacing the white flag *Pata, pata, pata* and running to Germany crying "Doitsu, Doistu, tasketeeee T____T" I fell helplessly in love with this one too. In the same time I can't help but sympathize Germany who has to run and help him whenever Italy can't tie his shoelaces. But all of them are just so amazingly cute - from Germany through Russia to Canada (oh, poor Canada needs more love!) They even showed Bulgaria

.... and now I'm so mad at my own country for bulling Italy >.<

And one last thing I wanted to flaunt about ^w^ My new pen that I got exactly when I'm starting the human anatomy! Isn't it the cutest thigh-bone ever?

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missy-tannenbaum каза...

The card came out looking really nice- I love how super-bright the colors on it are!

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