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Birthday Deadlines

Honestly, there are too many people, born in October! I'm hardly handling it every year. I remember how last year I ran from one birthday to another (and slept during half of the second birthday cause the night before we fell asleep (where "fall asleep" isn't really equal to "go to bed" around 4 am. This year I don't plan to run around, but still choosing/buying/making presents is giving me a little hard time. However, I just can't put those cross-stitches under "hard time" because I enjoy su much working on them ^^
Ernestina is already stitched and all that's left is turning her into proper bday card.

I sooo like how it turned out :3 Lol of course, the back is pure chaos like always, I just can't get the handle of doing it properly.
Since the first stitch, Ernestina was a Bleach fan. She grew up with the Zanpaktou arc and her first word was Bankai! (wait, you'll say, how comes a fish talks? Now you're stupid! Whales are mammals! ) I finished hew few days ago, again while watching the Bleach movie 3 Fade to black: I call your name. The plot came pretty weak in the end, but young Byakuya, with his hair let, and Hisana, totaly repaid me for that strange blond thing obsessed with Rukia, and that brother, who really reminds me of someone, but I can't recall who.
Anyways, after Ernestina, whose deadline is October the 13, the next is the Chocolate project, with deadline October the 20 (but eventually a lil more)
I can't say that this cup of tea or hot chocolate is a fan or anything, but for now I was stitching it while watching Samurai Champloo. But I finished it today (and it was about time, I must say!) so no more chocolate champloo. An absolutely awesome anime, but as I liked the end, I can say that I'm okay with this. I'm just so happy that both Mugen and Jin lived in the end! ^////^ They got me so scared in the last episodes.
Hmmm... there definetely was something more I wanted to blog about, but I'm so sleepy I can't remember. nya, wouldn't be big deal anyway. Ernestina whale pattern from Tattie Grenouille and chocolate from Cyberstitchers.com - Barbara Ana.
Oh yeah, I remembered! Yesterday I made 100 views on the blog, yay. But since I want to keep the last bits of my pride, I'f like to keep secret when exactly I turned on the counter.

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